Houston Methodist Hospital


ExamSlide doors save space, while meeting accessibility standards in new hospital wing

A distinctive characteristic of healthcare facilities is the fast-paced hustle and bustle of staff and patients. For this reason, hospital patient rooms ideally provide fluid, open environments for occupants to easily move throughout the interior. A challenge is the limited square footage in these rooms can hinder space efficiency.
Doors, with their traditional swing arc and approach clearances, can further restrict usability. To help solve this problem and free up space in Houston Methodist Hospital’s Paula and Joseph C. “Rusty” Walter III Tower, the design team, EYP Architecture & Engineering, and MAREK, an interior finishes specialty contractor, turned to ExamSlide™ doors from AD Systems.
The sliding doors function as the restroom divider in the new tower’s ACU and ICU patient rooms. They allow the healthcare team, patients and visitors to easily navigate between spaces by removing the arc of space needed for swing doors to open. This, in turn, can provide an additional 30 square feet of usable room.
“Unlike traditional swing doors, AD Systems’ ExamSlide doors maximize the space in an efficient way, producing a fluid environment and easing traffic congestion even during peak usage times,” said John Kennedy, Client Account Manager for American Direct, the door safety and security provider who supplied the doors for the new hospital tower.
The innovative sliding doors go beyond efficient use of space, improving access for patient and staff needs. They are configured in a surface-mounted, top-hung barn door style, rather than as a pocket door. The benefit of this orientation is that they slide along heavy-duty, quiet rollers instead of traditional floor tracks, which can hinder foot traffic and equipment movement. This is especially beneficial to patients with limited mobility.
“Compared to traditional swing doors, which slam shut, ExamSlide’s soft-close dampening system offers acoustical privacy and smooth operation,” continued Kennedy. “The contemporary space-saving design allows for unencumbered navigation through the interior.”
Additionally, ExamSlide doors are available with ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant hardware options. They are easy to use and meet ADA operating force requirements. With these features, hospital patients and staff in ACU and ICU rooms are able to open and close the doors with ease. To take accessibility to even higher levels, automation and the ability to accommodate bed lifts are also possible.
Today, the space-efficient doors in the new tower are helping push the expectations for patient care forward in the Houston Methodist Hospital.
“Using ExamSlide doors allowed us to provide a contemporary solution for the Houston Methodist North Tower Expansion project, which benefits from enhanced acoustics control, ease of use, space-savings and ADA compliance,” said Kincaid. “AD Systems is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance interior and healthcare door systems.”
To learn more about ExamSlide doors, and other AD Systems sliding door products, contact our technical team at (425) 740-6011 or email adsystems.sales@allegion.com.

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