sliding barn doorBasics of the Sliding Barn Door

If you’ve followed recent movements in medical and office design, you might have heard a lot about interior barn doors. Within the last decade, they’ve become a mainstay of the current interior design package.

What exactly are sliding barn doors? And, what’s behind their popularity? At the most basic level, they’re a simpler and more-efficient sliding door technology. A sliding barn door sits flush against a wall and runs on a track. This design provides the benefits of a sliding door, but in a more elegant and easy-to-maintain system than a pocket door. Their style, versatility, function and performance all have exceptional potential.

Googling “sliding barn door” will produce lots of results. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t much more than decorative ideas. For a door with the performance that your facility needs, Washington-based AD Systems has engineered the solution.

However, let’s look first at some of the main reasons that these new doors have become so popular. Then, we’ll examine the models that AD Systems offers, and why they’re a leading option across several fields.

Why a Sliding Barn Door Outperforms a Traditional Swinging Model

  • Space-Savings: The average swinging door requires significant floor space for a swing path and associated clearances. An AD Systems’ barn door uses only slightly more space than a wall. There is a huge cost savings, just considering the cost per square foot of floor space in today’s buildings.
  • Acoustic Superiority: Choosing sliding doors has historically meant compromising on acoustic performance, but not since AD Systems began designing their systems almost a decade ago acoustic performance in mind. Their design greatly reduces the perimeter gaps that can lead to problematic privacy breaches and distracting noise issues.
  • Ease-of-Maintenance: The top-hung barn doors from AD Systems operate on durable rollers for minimal maintenance. As a result, cleaning and maintaining this simple and user-friendly design is a breeze.
  • Speed and Efficiency: The engineering and design teams at AD Systems build for maximum efficacy and performance. Their sliding barn doors’ smooth and speedy operation make them an ideal choice for workplaces with high foot traffic.
  • Style: In both business and medicine, image is a huge part of strategy. The sleek and professional look of AD Systems’ doors is perfect for the contemporary office or clinic. With a huge range of hardware and finish options, their doors have a style for every workplace.

The OfficeSlide™: Revolutionizing the Corporate Workspace

When you’re crunching numbers and tweaking contracts all day, it can be easy to forget just how important your environment is. But, the space around you can make all the difference for everyone in the building.

The OfficeSlide is AD Systems’ flagship model for the corporate world. There are many functional options available, including integrated blinds and lighting, soft-close design and tested acoustical performance to level NIC39.

Washington’s Coastal Community Bank incorporated the OfficeSlide into their new headquarters’ plans, with great results. This model’s wide range of hardware choices, glass-front options, and sleek and professional aesthetic were ideal for the client’s applications. They completed their new building in 2015, to widespread acclaim.

The ExamSlide™: Medical Grade Performance

After their success with the door that would one day become the OfficeSlide, AD Systems received feedback from many medical professionals. In fact, they loved the doors, but wanted a model specifically designed for the rigors of medical applications. Therefore, after intense research and consultations, AD Systems brought the ExamSlide to market.

The ExamSlide is an ultra-high-performance sliding barn door designed for the strenuous healthcare environment. They developed many ADA-compliant and security-relevant options for this system. Its cutting-edge hardware includes a patent-pending four-sided acoustic gasket for superior privacy protection. There are soft-closers and many choices of locking devices, including key-card access. Inset panels provide additional function with glazed glass and special panels for x-ray rooms. Hospitals and clinics across the country have incorporated the ExamSlide into award-winning designs. As the medical field’s most innovative providers continue to push forward, AD Systems is right beside them.

To see what AD Systems can do for your facility, call 425-374-1360 or request a quote for your next project. A sliding barn door system could be just what you need to bring your facility design into the 21st century.