sliding barn doorWhether working on brand new construction plans or simply renovating an existing structure, architects and designers must meet certain guidelines when it comes to commercial projects. This requires paying attention to every little component that makes up a building. There are many details to cover, but one trend that is noticeably gaining popularity in the commercial market is the application of sliding barn door systems.

Though sliding doors can benefit many different areas in the commercial market, professional office spaces and hospitals in particular, are finding a great deal of value in having them installed. There are a number of good reasons why architects and designers have experienced a growing demand for barn-style doors in the workplace and healthcare facilities.

How Sliding Barn Door Systems Benefit the Commercial Market

The most common places to see sliding barn doors replacing traditional hinged doors in commercial construction is in office spaces and medical establishments. While other segments are starting to follow in the movement, these two are making sliding barn door systems the standard.

  • Maximize Space: With sliding barn doors designed to slide along the track they’re attached to, there’s no need to leave enough space free around the doorway, as is usually necessary for swinging doors. This means the extra room can be utilized more efficiently and building owners can take advantage of every square foot of space.
  • Create Open Work Environments: The trend toward creating more open work environments is not only made simple with sliding barn door systems, but is also enhanced in terms of appeal and functionality. Even though employers are eager to foster a collaborative team effort in office spaces, having open floor plans can present many challenges. Sliding glass doors offer a solution by leaving most areas visible, while still blocking off parts of an office that will allow private meetings and conferences to be held.
  • Meet ADA Compliance Requirements: One of the most important features of sliding barn door systems is their ability to meet ADA compliance requirements with ease. Buildings with public access, such as professional offices and hospitals, are required to have doors that present no problems to people with assistive medical devices when entering or exiting. With sliding barn doors, there are no floor tracks or other obstructions to hinder anyone with mobility issues from getting through the doorway smoothly. The openings are also wide enough for wheelchairs and walkers to move through without difficulty, and sliding doors are much often lighter to handle than traditional hinged doors.
  • Add a Touch of Style: The contemporary look of sliding doors is a great way to add a touch of elegance and style to any space. This can be difficult to do in commercial projects where functionality is generally the focus. There are many choices available that give clients the opportunity to choose everything from the color and finish of the frame to the type of security features to include in the hardware.

AD Systems’ Commitment to the Sliding Barn Door Industry

Since entering the sliding barn door industry years ago, AD Systems has become an established leader in quality products and services for high performance sliding doors. Partnering with architects, designers, and facility managers nationwide to turn visions into reality, AD Systems is the go-to source for a wide variety of sliding door style and design options.

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