self-closing sliding doorsSliding doors are quickly becoming a standard option for commercial spaces due to their sleek, modern looks and space-saving design. However, some applications have special sound attenuation requirements that traditional sliding door systems simply cannot meet.

AD systems and their sliding barn door systems are rising to the challenge. By using acoustic gaskets and drop-down bottom seal features, all four sides of the sliding doors they offer can be sealed in the closed position. Free of leaky gaps for noise transfer, the doors provide a high level of sound attenuation and are well equipped to mitigate distracting outside noises. While the sliding doors are not 100 percent soundproof – a claim very few doors can make – they provide a level of acoustic separation fit for a range of commercial spaces. Here are some of the top commercial applications that benefit from the acoustic performance these sliding doors provide.

Exam Rooms

While everyone values privacy in some respect, healthcare facilities have a special duty to protect their patient’s privacy under HIPAA laws. Additionally, healthcare workers often have their hands filled with supplies, clipboards and other equipment, making it critical to have an easily movable door that provides efficient access to and from the room. Sliding doors like AD Systems ExamSlideTM are a real problem solver in these spaces. The easy-to-use, space-saving solution was designed specifically with medical facilities in mind, and uses acoustic seals that help provide NIC (noise isolation class) values up to 39. This meets or exceeds the Facility Guidelines Institute’s STC 35 target for speech privacy in exam rooms, ensuring doctors and patients have the privacy they need.

Enclosed Offices

While open-concept offices may be popular, recent research found that enclosed offices “clearly outperformed open plan layouts…particularly in acoustics, privacy and proxemic issues.” Soundproof sliding doors, particularly those with glass, can be part of the solution to this problem. They can maintain the desired visual openness while creating a physical separation to safeguard sound and improve employee concentration.


Most people would agree that privacy is an important part of any restroom. In commercial restrooms space and accessibility are equally important. Soundproof sliding doors deliver on all fronts. They provide privacy, open up more usable room by removing the arc of space needed for a swing door to open, and are available with ADA-approved (American Disabilities Act) hardware. As an added benefit, companies like AD Systems offer sliding doors with no obtrusive exposed floor track.

Sliding Doors for Shared Spaces

While considering door options for individual offices is important, don’t overlook small conference rooms and other communal spaces. In fact, these areas are among the most important in any office, as they promote collaboration. For these common areas, soundproof sliding doors are a great choice.

AD Systems’ glass OfficeSlide™ doors allow any shared space to feel large, bright and open while functioning as an acoustic barrier. These sliding glass doors also allow conference calls to happen without disturbing other employees. Because OfficeSlide doors provide privacy, they are perfect for businesses that handle sensitive information. This includes law firms, banks, accountants, tech companies, and medical-related business. If your client information needs to stay private, OfficeSlide doors are the best choice.