toilet room doorsPatient restrooms are always a design challenge. They tend to be extremely small, require a large opening and of course need to be accessible and functional. The ExamSlide™ sliding door can be a perfect solution for toilet room doors in many healthcare facilities.

Why ExamSlide Systems Offer the Ideal Toilet Room Doors

Privacy – AD Systems are designed for acoustical performance. ExamSlide can be configured with either flush wood or aluminum stile and rail with (translucent or opaque) glass

Space-saving – Sliding doors will save up to 30 square feet of floor space compared to a swinging door.

Maintenance-free – Because they utilize a top-hung roller system, they provide smooth operation. Also, there are no tracks in the floor to clean or to impede foot and equipment traffic.

Quiet – The soft-close dampening system helps with noise and slam reduction.

Multiple hardware options – Having various options gives you the ability to add aesthetic beauty, along with excellent function.

What Options Are Available for ExamSlide Doors?

AD Systems has made it easy for you to match their ExamSlide doors to any healthcare facility’s style or décor. In fact, every project has unique requirements and there are enough options to satisfy every scenario. Thus, customers can mix and match multiple finishes and hardware.

AD Systems’ frames will accommodate most 1-3/4” doors. Typically, they offer two standard frame finishes, sequin silver and medium bronze. If you need a different color, custom color options are possible.

In order to bring you the best doors possible, AD Systems worked with healthcare providers and architects. Engineers designed the ExamSlide door system especially for medical facilities. Flush wood is a popular option due to its simple and beautiful look. This link provides you with all the finishing choices available to you. In addition, plastic laminate and specialty door options are available upon request.

Hardware choices are great when you have specific needs and styles to match. Most important for restrooms are locking options. You can choose from multiple levels of secure locks, depending on your security needs. These include privacy locks, ADA self-latching mortise and single-action egress with lever. Additionally, the doors come with flush pulls and anti-ligature hardware.

Now, just one look at AD Systems’ past projects will win you over with their visually-pleasing aesthetics and privacy options. Today, if your medical center is in need of beautiful, functional and private toilet room doors contact AD Systems. And, they have excellent customer service. Moreover, they treat every project as the unique job it is. Technicians are available to assist you in finding the perfect door for your requirements.