If the layout of an office or clinic is challenging, designers need solutions to create a better flow. Sliding doors can give any commercial space a more open feel. AD Systems has three types of barn doors interior designers and architects love due to their space-saving capabilities. As an added bonus, these doors give any space a more modern look.

OfficeSlide™ – Barn Doors Interior Designers Love for Offices Needing Privacy

OfficeSlide interior doors work well for commercial spaces that need both collaboration-driven design and privacy. With these doors, employees can work in a more open environment. However, privacy is also possible, as OfficeSlide doors have a tested acoustical performance of up to NIC 39. In other words, it is easy to protect sensitive information. So, these doors work well in industries such as finance, banking, law, insurance, tech services, and more. For example, this case study shows the modern look of sliding doors in a bank setting.

In addition to providing privacy through acoustic-related features, OfficeSlide doors are also easy to lock. AD Systems’ doors come with a variety of hardware options:

  • ADA-compliant locks
  • Keycard access
  • Automated operation
  • Custom door pulls in several style options

Visually, glass works well for the design and style of sliding doors. This allows the space to maintain an open look. However, when privacy is important, OfficeSlide doors can easily adjust. These doors come with options such as integrated blinds and switchable privacy glass. Additionally, there are options for solid panels or glazing up to an inch thick.

Learn more about OfficeSlide doors here.

ExamSlide™ – Healthcare Facility Doors for Both Design and Function

ExamSlide doors are a version of OfficeSlide doors that engineers designed specifically for healthcare facilities. By working with consultants in the medical community, they created solutions unique to the needs of healthcare facilities. Multiple healthcare facilities, such as The Everett Clinic and Mountain View Hospital are among the nationwide clients that use these doors. What sets ExamSlide doors apart to make them great for healthcare settings?

  • No exposed floor track or hardware (tripping hazard)
  • Soft-close features come standard with all doors to prevent slamming
  • Heavy-duty, top-hung roller system, which is maintenance-free
  • Multiple ADA-compliant hardware options
  • Easy to clean resilient design

As with OfficeSlide doors, ExamSlide doors also have a tested acoustical performance of up to NIC 39. This ensures patient confidentiality during exams and consultations.

Learn more about ExamSlide Doors here.

InsetSlide™ – Interior Barn Doors with a Special Feature

If the “barn door” style isn’t a fit for your needs, AD Systems also offers InsetSlide, a door that slides in plane with the wall and no projection. AD Systems took the features of barn doors interior designers love and upgraded it to save even more space.

As with OfficeSlide and ExamSlide doors, InsetSlide doors come in a wide range of finishes. Ask about the following finishing options:

  • Flush wood in a variety of colors and species
  • Plastic laminate veneers from companies such as Wilsonart, Formica, and more
  • Glass with several glazing options

Learn more about finishing for all doors here. Specialty door finishes are also available. Keep in mind that AD Systems can create custom doors in any width. So, if a doorway in an office is not standard, a sliding door may be the best solution.

Moreover, all of these door systems save a great deal of floor space, providing extra room for employees, guests, furniture or storage. Sliding doors save up to 30 square feet of floor space per doorway over swinging doors. At today’s real estate prices, this is a valuable benefit.

To get more information about OfficeSlide, ExamSlide, or InsetSlide doors, fill out this form for a free quote. An AD Systems representative can answer all questions about interior barn doors for commercial spaces. Or, give them a call today at 425-374-1360.