The Superior Choice for Pain Clinic Patients and Healthcare ProvidersThe Superior Choice for Pain Clinic Patients and Healthcare Providers

AD Systems, The Superior Choice for Pain Clinic Patients and Healthcare Providers.

The optimally designed pain clinic will support efficient patient treatment in a pleasant atmosphere from the healthcare provider’s point of view. As well the ideal pain clinic will support the utmost privacy and the most soothing environment from the patient’s perspective. AD Systems Doors does both.

When designing new pain clinic environments or renovating existing facilities, it is important to remember how modern healthcare approaches pain management. A physical approach could employ techniques such as electrotherapy, thermal agents, acupuncture or therapeutic exercise. Psychological treatment could include behavioral therapy, hypnosis or meditation. Medications may be used from NSAIDs for milder pain to narcotics prescribed for moderate to severe pain.

No matter the treatment, or combination of treatments, it is safe to assume that caregivers must be focused and attentive and patients must be able to relax and pay attention. Selecting AD Systems Doors could be the deciding factor in your pain clinic becoming the treatment facility of choice for both healthcare providers and their patients.

Pain Clinic Doors: Healthcare Provider’s Point of View


AD Systems’s pain clinic sliding doors save as much as 30 square feet of room space compared to swing doors, allowing for more area to maneuver in the exam room.

Our doors are available with thumb-turning locks that activate occupancy indicators or self-latching mechanisms with outlet handles. Of course, key locks or magnetic locks with card access are available also. Entering and securing a pain clinic exam room serenely, or exiting tranquilly, should never be a problem.


AD Systems Doors are available in both wood and laminate to fit any budget. You may prefer a wood stile and rail door or an aluminum stile and rail version, both with glass vision lite, or one of our glass units with integral blinds or louvers.

Each pain clinic door is topped with an unobtrusive heavy duty roller system. This signature system guarantees a smooth, quiet operation without being a distraction or an eyesore.

Pain Clinic Doors: Patient’s Perspective


AD Systems Doors feature patent-pending acoustic security, which includes seals on all four sides of each door for the absolute best sound-proofing available. Everyone in the room can be confident that doctor-patient interactions will not be overheard by others, which helps your facility meet HIPAA regulations. Field tests show NIC Noise Isolation Class 39 per ASTM E336-11.


Each pain clinic exam room door features our “soft close” system, which prevents loud slams that could jar a patient’s already-frayed nerves. And they are ADA compliant, which means that users of all ages and abilities can easily enter and exit.

In addition to adding privacy, AD Systems Doors reduce noise pollution from outside the exam room which adds to lower blood pressure, calmer breathing and a more restful atmosphere for both patients and staff.

Architects and Professional Planners:

AD Systems Doors are designed and built to meet the most rigorous requirements of the modern pain clinic, from initial patient diagnosis to private counseling and throughout the treatment options. With our doors, you can take advantage of maximum acoustic isolation and space-saving design without having to make sacrifices in aesthetics.

Our doors will help you create a superior environment that promotes candid doctor-patient interactions and one which supports ultimate comfort and healing. The facilities that you plan and design will enhance your healthcare providers’ treatment and enhance their patients’ healing. After all, isn’t that your ultimate goal?