Atmosphere is everything, especially for places of healing. Everything from the color of the walls to the trim around doors and windows can set the tone, including the type of doors used. Hospitals and other medical centers use cutting edge technology, so it’s natural that ambient noise levels have grown over the years.

Sometimes we don’t even notice that kind of noise; it just fades into the background. But on some level we’re aware of it, and studies over the years have determined that high ambient noise can reduce sleep quality. It can also raise blood pressure and stress, whether the individual is aware of it or not. This is a clear problem for medical facilities, as it can affect recovery times and thus how long resources are tied up for each case. Quieter work environments are ideal for hospital staff as well.

The privacy aspect of sound isolation is an important consideration as well. HIPAA regulations go a long way toward ensuring privacy of patient information in medical facilities, and the right isolation can take this a powerful step further. This way what a doctor and patient discuss in an exam room remains private, and neither will be distracted by the bustle of the rest of the hospital.

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