sound control doorsFacility design is, in many ways, the art of balancing essential needs. Today we’ll talk about one of those essentials – sound transmission control. Whether you’re designing an office or a medical facility, your solution must protect speech privacy and control noise. Sound control doors are a popular solution, and some new innovations make them a more attractive option than ever.

Sound Control Doors That Perform

AD Systems produces sliding doors whose advanced soundproofing options have made them a must-have for facility design. These elegant and efficient doors provide superior acoustic performance for all facilities with no trade-off in efficiency or aesthetics. Their technology gives them the best of all worlds: privacy, efficiency, and elegance.

AD Systems’ two most popular models, the OfficeSlide ™ and ExamSlide™, both offer excellent sound control options. Let’s see what they’re about.

Professional-Quality Privacy

If you’re in healthcare, you know that HIPAA law requires you to protect patients’ speech privacy. And if you’re in the corporate sphere, you know it’s not good business to allow unintentional information disclosures. That’s why both the OfficeSlide and ExamSlide offer sound control features:

  • Acoustic dampening technology uses jamb gasketing to prevent sound transmission.
  • ExamSlide comes standard with patent-pending four-sided acoustic seal for ultimate privacy protection. (Available as an optional feature on the OfficeSlide as well!) This sound mitigation system provides acoustic performance up to NIC 39.
  • Sound dampening laminated glass options also available on sidelite models – when you want the light, but not the noise.
  • For visual privacy in rooms with sidelite windows, privacy glass or films are available.
  • Replacing swinging doors with smooth-sliding barn doors quiets noisy offices.
  • Soft-Close technology prevents distracting door-slamming.

Sound control is indispensable for operating any business or medical facility, and it’s only getting more so. Architects and designers are scrambling to keep a balance – but AD Systems’ doors are opening a new way forward.

No-Compromise Performance

All AD Systems doors also include an array of high-performance features that other sound control doors don’t offer. They include:

  • Space-saving capacity: changing from a swinging to a sliding door can save up to 30 square feet of floor space per doorway.
  • Heavy-duty construction and easy cleaning mean years of performance.
  • Huge selection of design options. All doors are available with dozens of door veneer finishes and a full range of hardware sets, with keycard readers and more.
  • Many options provide additional function, including integrated lighting, blinds and marker boards.
  • Concealed sill guides and lack of exposed floor track guarantee a smooth ride.
  • ADA-compliant locking and latching hardware ensures that everyone has access.

For high-performance sound control doors in offices or medical facilities, AD Systems is the name to remember. For more information, contact them at 425-374-1360 or use their contact form.