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Are you a facilities manager who is planning a new building for a higher education campus or a healthcare facility? Are you an architect who is designing a cutting-edge medical clinic or a modern office building? Are you an interior designer who is discussing renovations or additions with a financial institution or human resources department? All of these spaces have specific challenges that are successfully addressed by the use of sliding doors manufactured by AD Systems.

Higher Ed buildings require facilities that are durable enough to withstand thousands of users. Healthcare facilities must maximize valuable space for medical teams and equipment and use materials that withstand high traffic and urgent situations. Medical clinics have to provide ease of access, while protecting visual and auditory privacy. Office buildings must be welcoming and accommodating for people of all ages with different physical abilities. Financial institutions handle personal, private transactions throughout the day, and Human Resources departments conduct classified discussions every day. At AD Systems, we know that our wide range of sliding doors offers answers to each of these challenges.

The Advantages of Sliding Doors

Long Life

While AD Systems sliding doors are available in materials to fit almost any budget, the quality of our products is high. Our heavy duty roller system guarantees a smooth glide that lasts for years and requires little or no maintenance. Door frames are designed to wrap around and present a polished look while protecting walls from the wear and tear of daily use.

Efficient Use of Space

Our sliding doors preserve valuable, usable floor space compared to traditional swing-style doors. An average swing door needs 14 square feet of clear floor space to open completely, along with an accessible pathway, which translates into unusable “cost per square foot” real estate expense.

Privacy Protection

Transparent glass isn’t the only material used in our sliding doors. For rooms that require visual privacy, wood or laminate panels are available, along with frosted or other decorative glass, marker boards and other solid panels.

ADA Compliant

AD Systems sliding doors are available with ADA-approved thumb-turning locks that activate occupancy indicators and ADA-approved self-latching door closures with thumb turns and exit handles that are easy to operate with just one hand. The doors also meet ADA operating force requirements. Soft-close action that prevents loud slams and protects younger or slower fingers and toes is standard on all of our door systems. Your ADA Compliant doors will make your building accessible to people with any level of strength or physical ability.

Sound Abatement

With AD Systems sliding doors, you have the option of acoustical features that seal all four sides for superior sound-proofing. You can select doors approved for a minimum of the prevention of normal speech tones being overheard, to a maximum of virtually no sound bleed at all outside a specified space.

Fully customizable for your thoughtfully-planned, well-designed space, AD Systems’s sliding doors can be manufactured with any of dozens of door panel and hardware choices. And with their flush-with-the-wall sleek appearance, they offer contemporary style with low maintenance.

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