smoke rated sliding doorAD Systems Smoke Rated Sliding Door

We at AD Systems take safety very seriously. If we can design and produce a product that protects our customers better than ever, we are going to do just that. And that is why we are proud to offer our top-quality smoke rated sliding door options for healthcare, education or other occupancy types that require smoke rated doors.

As with all our door systems, the smoke rated sliding door glides easily and closes gently to accommodate people with all abilities. Large opening choices allow movement of a variety of people and equipment. The availability of many design features allow for coordination with interior design styles. Our smoke rated sliding door meets or exceeds air infiltration guidelines set forth in the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 105 standard and has been tested according to UL 1784.

What Does Smoke Rated Sliding Door Actually Mean?

Architects and facility managers who plan and design large buildings must understand how draft and smoke rated sliding door systems are certified and what markings to look for that indicate code compliance.

A fire door is simply a door that is engineered to reduce the spread of fire from one structural area to another and to provide a path to safely evacuate a building that is on fire. A fire door is tested for performance and rated on how many hours the door can withstand fire. All fire doors have smoke resistance requirements but because smoke often kills more people than fire itself, there is a growing requirement for the use of smoke rated doors in areas where there is not necessarily a requirement for the doors to be fully fire rated. The benefit of these doors is the ability to prevent the spread of smoke from one area to another through UL 1784 testing by the Standard for Safety of Air Leakage Tests of Door Assemblies.

The International Building Code (IBC) stipulates that air leakage cannot exceed 3.0 cubic feet per minute per square foot of door space for smoke rated sliding door systems in enclosed elevator lobbies, corridors, and fire service access and occupant evacuation lobbies. Smoke and draft control doors that are compliant will have an “S” on the fire-rating label.

Door certifications are published in the UL Fire Resistance Directory, available in paper or on CD or online at the website. All certified doors, including smoke rated sliding door assemblies, are expected to be installed with UL Classified frames, gaskets and hardware according to the Standard for Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives, NFPA 105, and the Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, NFPA 80.

The Smoke rating is also a measure of air leakage around a door and can be a useful metric for other purposes, such as determining if a door can help a room maintain positive or negative air pressure or a clean room environment.