smoke rated doorsSmoke rated doors are an essential component of many occupancy corridors. Local standards vary, but your municipality likely requires some smoke-resistant doors in new construction project. Why do we need these doors, what do they do, and which are the best on the market right now?

The Dangers of Smoke Inhalation

As you may know, smoke inhalation is actually the #1 leading cause of death from fires — not burns. This article breaks down some of its most harmful effects:

  • Asphyxiation from lack of oxygen
  • Irritation of the lungs by combustion products
  • Chemical asphyxiation through carbon monoxide poisoning (the leading cause of smoke inhalation deaths)

If a fire should break out, it’s essential that measures are in place to protect people from smoke inhalation. This is why corridors and some other areas require either full fire-ratings or smoke ratings, to provide people with a safe passage of egress during a fire condition. As the openings for passage and egress, doors are critical in both offering occupants a way out in an emergency situation, but also effectively blocking the passage of smoke into adjacent spaces.

How Smoke Rated Doors from AD Systems Can Help

The UL 1784 standard provides guidelines for testing doors against smoke leakage. The International Building Code or other applicable codes dictate the requirements for smoke rated sliding door systems. These doors may allow no more air leakage than 3.0 cubic feet per minute per sq. ft. of door space. AD Systems’ smoke rated doors meet these rigorous standards after testing and approval. In addition, these flush wood doors meet or exceed the air filtration guidelines of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Standard 105. AD Systems’ engineers have designed the doors to ensure that they can protect lives at crucial times. The doors feature a pull spring self closing mechanism and patented automatic door bottom/drop seal design as well as perimeter gasketing to ensure they effectively block the passage of smoke.

Safety, Style, and Performance

AD Systems’ sliding barn doors are known for their elegant look and high-performance feature set. UL 1784 smoke rating is just one of many benefits including:

  • Space savings of up to 30 sq. ft. of floor space vs. conventional swinging doors
  • Superior sound control to protect speech privacy (and an optional four-sided acoustic seal for even better control)
  • Heavy-duty construction with top-hung rollers for years of low-maintenance operation
  • Wide variety of hardware and finishes

Bringing safety technology into the future is the goal of AD Systems. They will use their position as an industry leader to continue improving the safety and security of sliding door systems. Don’t miss their latest product as well a new fire-resistant door.

Meanwhile, you can get these doors from AD Systems today. Their ExamSlide™OfficeSlide™ and InsetSlide™ offer incredible features. Flush wood door systems are available with the above-mentioned UL 1784 smoke rating. Call 425-374-1360 to find out more, or request a quote online.