glass office doorsIn the last few years, the number of companies that have jumped on the open-office bandwagon has grown considerably. This design concept is intended to promote a more harmonious workplace, where co-workers are encouraged to collaborate and engage to a greater extent with another. The idea is for this to create a happier and increasingly productive environment, which in turn, will support a growing business.

Glass Office Doors

However, interior doors must still play some part in the layout, and the answer to this could be glass office doors. For the professional architects and designers working on the arrangements of open-office floor plans, it can be a challenge incorporating doors where they are needed, yet making sure to keep in line with the concept. Luckily, AD Systems supplies the perfect solution for this conundrum. The company’s product line of sliding glass office doors complements the office design trend by providing the same open look with additional benefits that are important to every work environment.

Space-Saving Capabilities

One of the biggest benefits of integrating sliding glass office doors into a layout is their ability to save precious space. They are much more efficient being top-hung on a track and sliding from side to side than traditional hinged doors that waste a good deal of square footage because of the room needed to swing open. This extra space can be utilized for more office functionality, allowing for additional storage, furniture, seating, equipment, or whatever else might be needed. Architects and designers understand that every inch of space is valuable in a commercial building, and sliding door systems account for this accordingly. Glass doors also create the illusion that a room is actually bigger than it is, which is great if offices or conference rooms are lacking in square footage.

Acoustic Performance

Noise has consistently been a top complaint in work environments. With an open floor plan, there is potential for that to become an even bigger concern. However, installing glass office doors with acoustical features can significantly cut down on problems with distraction and improve upon the overall grievance employees have with noise pollution. The interior sliding door systems offered by AD Systems are designed with a high level of acoustical performance in mind. They are surrounded by a solid perimeter frame, fitted with glass that has been acoustically tested, and adorned with acoustic jamb gasketing. These doors achieve the important goal of maintaining confidentiality when private conversations are going on in the office, while also reducing the amount of incoming noise. For opitmal acoustical performance, AD Systems recommends designers specify .25″ or .5″ laminted glass.


Even the simplest office arrangements should uphold a certain degree of style. AD Systems makes it easy for architects and designers to accomplish this by providing a selection of wood veneer, laminate, and aluminum frame finishes. Whether going with a standard or customized system, sliding glass office doors will have no problem seamlessly fitting in with the overall office design.

The sliding glass office doors at AD Systems help architects and designers preserve the open-office design for their projects and allow them to easily address other elements that are essential in the composition of office environments.