sliding glass doorsTraditionally, office spaces offer architecture and décor that is, at best, dull and unimaginative. As architecture evolves, however, builders are able to offer commercial doors that are stylish and functional. Sliding glass doors are a perfect example of this modern convenience. Different from the patio sliding doors, sliding glass barn doors are top hung doors designed for interior use that provide a useful way to secure spaces while maximizing the amount of usable floor space, particularly in small locations.

AD Systems – For the Highest Quality Sliding Glass Doors Available

AD Systems designs their sliding door systems to, simply, perform better. Founded in 2009, AD Systems began with a design for an interior sliding door with acoustical mitigation and space savings. The company has evolved as one of the top providers for facilities looking for high-quality, sliding door solutions. Backed by a legacy of commitment to quality, building owners trust AD Systems for fire safety as well.

The ExamSlide™ for Healthcare Facilities

The ExamSlide is AD Systems’ solution for healthcare applications. This system is ideal for clinics, restrooms, medical offices, ERs and more. This is primarily due to the fact that the ExamSlide offers durability and privacy. The designing engineers worked with the medical community to ensure that the doors provided certain functions required in healthcare settings. Featuring a unique design, it combines performance with function for the security needed in healthcare applications. Patients can feel safe and secure with the system’s sound-proofing. Doctors and nurses can offer their patients the safety and privacy they deserve. Benefits of this system include:

  • Maintenance-free operation, thanks to a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system
  • Field tests indicate NIC Noise Isolation Class 39 as per ASTM E336-11
  • Soft-close dampening system eliminates noisy slamming sound
  • Optional UL 1784 smoke rating
  • ADA-compliant hardware options
  • No floor track to impede equipment or foot traffic

The OfficeSlide™ for Office Applications

The OfficeSlide is perfect for most office applications. It offers performance features and greater design flexibility and is well-suited to any office setting. From private offices to conference rooms and entryways, the OfficeSlide works perfectly. Best of all, it is fully customizable in size and configurations. Benefits include:

  • Fully customizable sizes, configurations, and hardware
  • Optional acoustical seals and automatic door bottoms
  • Optional smoke-rated assemblies per UL 1784
  • Soft-close technology with anti-slam devices

Customization for a Wide Range of Applications

One of the chief benefits of sliding glass doors is the space they save over traditional, swinging doors that require a swing path and larger approach clearances. At today’s building costs, every square foot of floor space should add productivity. Even better, sliding doors from AD Systems can offer enhanced privacy as well. They offer endless customization options, including frosted glass, which preserves aesthetic benefits. At the same time, it offers privacy for healthcare or other applications that call for it. There are many functional options, such as key-card access, integrated lighting and blinds, panel inserts containing marker boards, etc.

Since they are so highly customizable, these systems are perfect for offices with unique space constraints. Have an old building that needs retrofitting? AD Systems’ sliding doors are the perfect choice. For new construction, design your space around these doors for a full range of benefits. Moreover, they are happy to consult with you on whatever unique constraints you have with your construction. In fact, there is virtually no end to the customization and sliding door options available. Take a look at some of the options in their project gallery.

Today, give AD Systems a call at 425-374-1360 to see how they can design a solution that’s right for your business or medical facility.