exam room doorsAD Systems offers high quality, affordable exam room doors that were specifically designed for medical facilities. With any exam room door, privacy and durability are priority. Today’s contemporary clinic design often means as many exam rooms as possible are desired in a given floorplate, often with two doors to facilitate on-stage/off-stage workflow. With either dual or single entry exam room design, it is estimated that up to twenty-five to thirty square feet of potentially usable space is wasted by using a swinging door.

What are the benefits of a sliding door?

In addition to the space savings of a sliding door, the sleek and modern aesthetic of sliding doors adds visual impact and reduces the “institutional feel” of many medical facilities. Sliding doors can also often provide greater amounts of clear opening than swing doors and an easier approach for users with limited mobility or using assistive devices. AD Systems sliding doors are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act with regards to opening dimension and hardware, ensuring that all facilities where our doors are installed are accessible and inclusive for all people. In addition to accessibility, privacy is an another essential requirement for products in medical settings. All of AD Systems’ exam room doors have available privacy-enhancing features such as wrap frames that seal the gaps at the sides of a top-hung sliding door and optional acoustical bottom seals. In terms of physical security, AD Systems offers ADA compliant privacy thumbturns, Key locks and mag locks that connect to card readers or other types of access control devices.

Quiet operation of doors is also important in professional medical environments. All of AD Systems sliding doors come standard with dual soft closers to prevent slams to loud bangs of a door hitting stop, preventing finger pinches while also reducing maintenance. AD Systems uses high quality tandem nylon rollers that glide quietly and smoothly. In addition to ensuring privacy, the wrap frame design protects drywall from damage, ensuring the openings stay professional looking and there is less reliance on field construction for fit and finish.

What are some features of the AD Systems sliding exam room doors?

In addition to the accessibility and privacy offered by our doors, we offer a range of variations in surfaces, materials and functionality. All of our exam room doors are top hung with no exposed floor tracks and a concealed guide. Looking for a solid wooden door? Look no further than our flush wood door with natural wood or laminate veneers. Prefer the look of glass? We can incorporate almost any type of glazing into an aluminum stile and rail or flush wood with cutout design. . In addition to making doors for typical patient exam rooms, we also cater to x-ray room doors, pharmacies requiring isolation, clean rooms and some types of behavior health designs.

Style, luxury and privacy without added expense are priorities in our line of exam room doors. Give AD Systems a call now and get started on your next medical office upgrade.