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Underappreciated would certainly be one way to characterize the respect that sliding doors receive. Underutilized would also be another way to describe the highly functional door type. While AD Systems isn’t starting the world’s first “sliding door fan club”, they want to make the architectural community aware of the value of sliding doors in any project.


How they work

Before explaining the benefits that sliding doors offer, it is important to know how they work. Your average sliding door opens in a horizontal manner as it slides along a metal track. These doors are mounted or suspended from the track and will slide in either direction on a set of roller wheels.


Benefits of these doors


Sliding doors have numerous benefits, but many of them depend on how they are being used. Doors that slide along a wall, instead of opening into a room, usually offer greater space-saving benefits to homes, medical facilities, and more. Due to the inflated real estate pricing per square foot today, this feature has become a huge advantage. Many sliding doors also offer secure, safe operating features, compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards for individuals in wheelchairs, or with other conditions that impair their mobility or strength. These doors are also low maintenance, durable and available with a wide selection of options. Acoustic seals are popular on sliding doors in areas where privacy is important or quiet is needed for patients’ treatment or recovery.


Applications & types


There are a number of different types of sliding doors available, allowing a variety of applications for this door type, such as:


  • Bathrooms
  • Closets
  • Utility rooms
  • Offices
  • Medical facilities


…and many more!


Other types of sliding doors include pocket doors and Arcadia doors. Pocket doors disappear as you open them – sliding back into their “pocket” in the wall. Arcadia doors often are used as a barrier between the indoor area of a home and the outdoor world. You’ll often find these types of sliding doors on a balcony, a patio, or at the entrance to a backyard.


The best money can buy


Another popular sliding door type is barn doors. Gaining popularity in medical facilities, barn doors are popular due to their space-saving abilities and incredible functionality.  Clinics, hospital exam rooms, patient bathrooms, and even a variety of corporate settings have begun to incorporate sliding barn doors into their décor.


AD Systems specializes in creating the best sliding barn doors money can buy. They also offer officefront sliding doors that increase functionality and look great. Their doors can be configured in a number of different layouts and can coordinate with other swinging and sliding doors that may currently be in use within an office building or medical facility.


Get help now


AD Systems offers free consultation services to help architects and contractors make an informed decision as to the appropriate doors for any venue. Every building has unique specifications and requirements, depending upon the ultimate use for the space.


It is worth considering that AD Systems’ huge variety of options provides an opportunity to tailor each door to the specific intended use. Whether a building requires an emphasis on security, accessibility or acoustics, AD Systems has the ability to provide the appropriate doors for every entrance, exit, office and room in the building.


The complete line of sliding doors, sliding barn doors and officefront products were created with space-savings, economy and special features as the design priority. For more information, contact a specialist at: 425.374.1360

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