sliding door systemsWhen it comes to construction for the commercial market, architects and designers are challenged to meet the increasing demand for more innovative and forward thinking spaces. In turn, they look to AD Systems and their sliding door products as the perfect solution for achieving better project results. Their sliding door systems are specially designed to achieve the functionality and aesthetic goals that many professional settings have, especially those in the healthcare and corporate office sectors.

Sliding Door Systems Allow for Maximum Performance in Design

Sliding door systems are ideal for a variety of interior commercial applications. When working with AD Systems, architects, designers, and facility managers can count on receiving products that have been constructed utilizing advanced LEAN practices and have gone through rigorous quality assurance testing. It is the company’s mission to supply doors made with elements that will make a significant improvement in the look and feel of professional environments. These are some of the most beneficial features found in AD Systems’ sliding door designs.

  • Aesthetics: Sliding door systems are assembled to blend into virtually any commercial environment. They can be manufactured with doors made of natural wood veneers, laminates or aluminum stile and rail with glass for a clean and elegant appearance that will match all types of interiors.
  • Roller operation: Sliding doors operate on a top-hung, heavy-duty roller system. This allows them to be open and shut smoothly and quietly, while their lightweight properties make them easily accessible for anyone, regardless of physical capability.
  • Acoustic isolation: Reducing noise is vital in healthcare and corporate offices. AD Systems’ sliding door systems specifically address the issue of acoustics and are made to meet high STC or NIC ratings. They also have patent-pending perimeter seals to further enhance privacy protection. These sound isolating features make it possible for healthcare facilities to satisfy HIPAA regulations and to preserve confidential conversations, while also boosting staff productivity in both environments.
  • Soft-closer technology & ADA-compliant hardware: Soft-closer technology comes standard on AD Systems’ sliding doors to prevent slamming and reduce maintenance. Products are also equipped with ADA-compliant hardware to provide effortless access to everyone.
  • Space-saving configuration: It’s crucial for space to be used as efficiently as possible in commercial designs. Installing sliding door systems is the perfect solution for architects and designers trying to maximize square footage. This eliminates the dead space left by traditional wide-arcing swing doors and provides up to 30 additional square feet to be used for greater functionality.

AD Systems’ Sliding Doors Add Value to Any Commercial Project

The commercial sliding door systems offered by AD Systems are designed to be more than just a means for entering and exiting a space. They are an architectural element that will transform the environment in which they’re installed, providing enhanced functionality and contemporary appeal. The company’s products are built to last with top-of-the-line materials and high quality craftsmanship, available in many different finish, style, hardware, and glazing options to complement the specifications for any project. Their knowledgeable team is happy to assist architects and designers in choosing the door systems that are right for each individual application. Overall, AD Systems’ sliding doors will help to create healthier, exceedingly efficient, and more comfortable professional settings.