sliding door solutionsOver the years, you’ve walked through many doorways. Chances are, you’ve passed by those doors without even noticing them. Why? Because swinging doors are common. Yet, just because they’re common doesn’t mean they’re convenient. In fact, they’re not, as many people have felt the struggle of navigating tight hallways in offices, clinics, or hospitals. Convenience is something that AD Systems had in mind when they created OfficeSlide™ and ExamSlide™, their sliding door systems. When you need sliding door solutions for your company, consider upgrading with AD Systems.

Consider Sliding Door Solutions for Your Office, Hospital, Or Clinic

Why swing when your door can slide? It’s a valid question and one that AD Systems took into consideration when designing their doors. First, the sliding door saves space by eliminating the swing path and reducing clearance areas.  Basically, these doors slide along the wall when open. These barn doors are different from pocket doors in that they do not slide into the wall. They are top hung from quiet rollers and don’t have any floor tracks to impede foot or equipment traffic. There are no squeaky hinges or loose door knobs to maintain. So, don’t waste the space on swinging doors when you can use it for something else.

Second, their doors are acoustically superior to typical barn door systems and prevent unwanted conversations from leaking beyond the room.  They meet the rigorous standards of modern offices and medical facilities. With an option for an automatic drop seal, acoustic performance can be further enhanced.

Now that you know many of the great benefits, let’s go over door specifications. When you’re ready to upgrade your interior doors, choose between OfficeSlide and ExamSlide.


Need a better solution for your office, bank, tech company, or other business? Designed for non-healthcare commercial settings, OfficeSlide delivers high-quality performance. Standard specifications include:

  • Soft closers
  • Fully customizable sizes and configurations
  • Single or bi-parting pairs of doors
  • Flush wood, aluminum or wood stile and rail doors
  • Tested acoustical performance up to NIC 39
  • Smoke-rated options per UL 1784

Hardware Options

  • Self-closers or automatic operation
  • ADA-compliant locking and latching hardware
  • KeyCard/access control with a mag lock
  • Custom pulls

Moreover, design the appearance of the door.

Decorative Options

  • Glass – any glazing up to 1” thick
  • Markerboards or other solid fill panels
  • Integral blinds or switchable privacy glass
  • Customized integral lighting or other design features

All these design options allow you to build a door to match any existing commercial setting.


Looking to upgrade doors in your clinic, hospital, ER, patient restroom, medical office, or other healthcare facility? ExamSlide is the ideal solution. This door system operates the same as OfficeSlide, but has features to meet healthcare standards. Specifications include:

  • Soft-close dampening system for noise and slam reduction
  • Heavy-duty, top-hung roller system for smooth, maintenance-free operation

Plus, Customize Your Door with These Hardware Options:

  • Key locks
  • ADA-compliant self-latching mortise
  • Thumb-turn lock with occupancy indicator, ADA-compliant
  • Single-action egress with lever
  • Flush pulls and anti-ligature hardware
  • Magnetic lock with key card/access control

Material and Finish Choices

  • Flush wood or laminate door
  • Aluminum stile and rail with glass
  • Wood stile and rail door with glass
  • A range of glazing and infill panel choices
  • Lead-shielding doors and glazing for X-ray rooms

With a wide variety of options, there is a door perfect for any healthcare setting.

Don’t Swing, Slide Your Way to Success Today!

Sliding doors are the way of the future! Never again will you have to compromise. Thus, if you’re tired of your old, outdated, bulky swinging doors, call AD Systems at 425-374-1360. Or, email them here. When you want sliding door solutions contact them today and discover a world of possibilities!