sliding door privacyWhen it comes to the door of your office, you want it to offer aesthetic appeal, privacy and function. AD Systems has developed ideal sliding doors based on the needs and wants for their customers and industry experts. Whether you are an architect, business owner or medical facility owner, they have the sliding door privacy options for you.

AD Systems Sliding Doors

ExamSlide™ – These doors are an exceptional choice for medical centers, clinics and hospitals. They save up to 30 square feet of space per doorway, compared to traditional swinging doors. In addition, these doors have a soft-close dampening system. Thus, it keeps them from slamming loudly and disturbing patients and reduces wear and tear. Furthermore, they offer lead-shielding doors and glazing for X-Ray rooms.

OfficeSlide™ – Does your office need a fresh new look? OfficeSlide doors work great for office buildings, collaborative spaces and conference rooms. Their sleek look is just the beginning of what they offer. You have multiple options when it comes to finish choices, hardware, security and acoustic needs. Furthermore, you can choose single or bi-parting pairs of doors, or customized sizes and configurations.

InsetSlide™ – This special door design took the best features of typical barn doors. At the same time, they added an integral sidelite that allows the system to fit between walls. These doors come with an easy-to-clean aluminum frame system. Also, that wraps and protects wall construction. InsetSlide doors gives you the best features of all the AD Systems’ doors combined.

Sliding Door Privacy Options

AD Systems has multiple privacy options that are standard or easily added to all of their sliding doors. Soundproofing is important to keep sensitive information or client conversations private. Their high-performing doors utilize glass that test for acoustical performance up to NIC 39. Moreover, they offer noise isolation by taking care of the gap that surrounds typical sliding doors.

Glazing keeps natural light in the office interior yet provides privacy as well. You can choose glazing up to 1” thick. Integral blinds or switchable privacy glass turns any glass door opaque. Now you can have see-through glass doors for natural light. But, you can also have privacy when needed.

When your client or your building needs sliding door privacy, just call AD Systems for help. They have almost a decade’s worth of experience meeting the needs and wants of their customers. Contact AD Systems today to discuss the perfect sliding door for your specific needs.