Chiropractors often see multiple patients at once, and like any medical facility confidentiality is important. For many chiropractors, however, there is a space constraint as opposed to larger medical facilities with rows of offices and exam rooms. Sliding clinic doors for chiropractors are an ideal option, as they conserve valuable office space and create convenient divisions in the office for the sake of privacy.

Ordinarily a sliding clinic door design offers only mediocre sound isolation. This is largely because the slide mechanisms usually involve gaps, which allows sound through no matter how thick the door is. Our acoustic design overcomes this challenge with acoustic seals and smooth glide technology, keeping every aspect of the door’s operation quiet and unobtrusive.

Keeping ambient noise under control is a plus in any medical office, but particularly for chiropractors. Since a big component of chiropractics is relieving stress and bolstering a sense of relaxation and general well-being, a quiet environment is key. Studies done since the 60’s have repeatedly shown that ambient noise is distracting and has negative effects on blood pressure, stress, and heart rate. With that as a guiding principle it’s easy to see why a place of healing should consider sound dampening.

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