Sliding barn doorssliding barn doors are an ideal solution for a variety of commercial new construction and renovation projects. These door systems have become increasingly popular for many types of professional environments, but especially in the corporate office and healthcare sectors. The versatility of these products allows them to be installed in several different areas around an office or medical facility, including separate employee workstations, conference rooms, reception areas, patient exam rooms, patient restrooms, emergency rooms, and more.

Valuable Features of Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors maximize interior space, create visually appealing settings, and seamlessly combine innovative technology with architectural detail. This is what makes them suitable for a number of commercial applications. However, it’s important to get them from the right source in order to capitalize on all the benefits they have to offer. That’s why commercial architects and designers turn to AD Systems time after time for the door products they need to satisfy their project requirements. The company’s innovative systems give design professionals the opportunity to successfully achieve both their functional and aesthetic goals by providing advantages over traditional swing doors or other sliding door options:

  • Top-Hung Design: The top-hung design of sliding barn doors save up to 30 square feet of floor space for every swinging door replaced, which is of utmost importance when considering the interior layout of a commercial building. The high costs of operating a public enterprise have a great deal to do with the amount of usable square footage that’s available. This makes it crucial to keep empty space to a minimum. Whereas swinging doors require a wide berth without any obstructions just to be able to open and close, sliding doors simply glide along the wall and leave floor space open for more functional use.
  • High Acoustic Performance: The barn doors from AD Systems have been specifically designed and tested with acoustic performance in mind. They are properly sealed to prevent noise from leaking in or out of a room, keeping conversations in confidence and mitigating disturbances that disrupt employee workflow or patient recovery.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Where aesthetic appeal is concerned, sliding doors will complement the style of any professional environment and instantly turn an office or medical facility into a more modern and welcoming space.

Finish & Hardware Options From AD Systems

The wide range of options AD Systems offers allows architects and designers to have considerable design freedom and flexibility in planning. Standard frames are offered in sequin silver and medium bronze Kynar finishes, and door materials come in flush wood, laminate, aluminum stile and rail, and glass. Glazing options include clear glass, decorative glass, translucent glass, switchable privacy glass, colored glass, sound enhanced laminated glass, and leaded glass. In addition, there is a broad selection of ADA-compliant hardware to choose from for varying degrees of safety and security.

AD Systems meets the demanding functional needs of the commercial market using high quality craftsmanship and materials. Architects and designers can count on their sliding barn doors to be durable and easy to maintain as a long-lasting investment.