sliding barn doorsFor businesses and medical facilities, it is essential to have interior doors that are functional and attractive. So, when it comes to customer needs and wants AD Systems listens and follows through. They took the concept of traditional barn doors and updated it for professional establishments. These redesigned interior sliding barn doors have multiple benefits and design options.

ExamSlide™ Doors

The ExamSlide doors are a perfect choice for all types of medical facilities. In fact, clients range from small practices and free-standing ERs to large hospitals. ExamSlide door design meets healthcare standards and regulations. They offer a soft-close dampening system that helps with noise and slam reduction. Their single biggest benefit however is their saving design that offers owners a better return on their real estate investment.

Examslide’s top-hung design eliminates the need for floor tracks. Thus, there is nothing to impede foot or equipment traffic. In addition, the doors are virtually maintenance-free.

AD Systems offers multiple hardware and add-on options that will help make these doors unique to your facility. Whether you are looking for enhanced aesthetic features or mandatory ones, AD Systems has it all. You can choose from various forms of handles and locking mechanisms. These doors come in flush wood or laminate. In addition, glass panels are available as an infill to let in more light. If you do choose glass infill, you can add glazing to the glass to help with privacy.

The system offers ADA-compliant hardware for ease of operation at all levels of ability. Also, the acoustic mitigation features allow privacy in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

OfficeSlide™ Doors

If your office space needs functional doors that also fit your office décor, then OfficeSlide doors are the perfect solution! The engineers at AD Systems designed these doors with private offices, conference rooms and collaboration spaces in mind. A few of the standard features include soft closers, customizable sizes and configurations, and smoke-rated options.

In addition, you have exceptional choices of finishes, hardware, security, acoustics and aesthetics. For privacy measures, these doors have a tested acoustical performance of up to NIC 39. Depending on the design of your office space, choose from flush wood, aluminum or wood stile and rail doors. Various hardware options range from various aesthetic choices to security requirements. Other add-ons include marker board panels (ideal for collaborative spaces) and customized integral lighting.

AD Systems is the Leader in Sliding Barn Doors

The concept for the door systems that AD Systems offers started almost a decade ago. Since the beginning, their goal has been to deliver interior door needs and wants to their clientele. They work with builders, architects and facility owners to understand how customer needs are evolving. One look at their past projects will show the range of options AD Systems offers.

If your office or medical facility needs high-functioning and aesthetically-pleasing doors, then you need AD Systems. The quality, options and customer service they provide stands above all others. Today, contact them to start your sliding barn doors project!