sliding barn doors Sliding Barn Doors

Once a floor plan is established, there are few design features that can make as much of an impact in space utilization as sliding doors.  Doors in general are very important not just as a utility feature, but as a way to add style and décor to your office design.  Most doors only offer one key feature: the ability to let someone into or out of the room.  While access is an important feature, it can also be a limiting one.  Large doors are unwieldy, and swing doors take up valuable floor space. A sliding barn door offers basic utility without taking up much floor space and providing unobstructed wall space in small rooms where the door leaf is situated on the corridor side.

Here are some of the physical benefits a sliding barn door from AD Systems offers:

  • Less Floor Space: A sliding barn door takes up little floor space to operate. The door slides along a track assembly attached to the face of the wall. This lets the door slide open and shut without swinging out into the hallway or into the room, allowing for safe and easy travel past the door and gives your larger areas of usable floor space inside rooms. With space premium in most commercial office spaces, sliding doors offer tremendous value.
  • ADA Compliant: The Americans with Disabilities Act gives a clear set of guidelines that public access buildings need to follow to allow everyone equal access into buildings. Modern sliding barn doors are ADA opening force compliant and can be operated with no more than five pounds of force.  Furthermore, they and do not have thresholds, floor tracks or other obstructions that pose trip hazards or make it difficult to operate wheelchairs or carts.
  • Tested Performance: If your project requires smoke labeled doors due to the occupancy type, AD Systems Doors have been tested to UL 1784 requirements. Furthermore AD Systems standalone barn doors as well as our officefront systems have been tested for acoustical performance in the range of NIC 32-39 depending on the product configuration and layout.
  • Maintenance Free Solutions: Once an AD Systems Door is installed, there are no requirements for routine maintenance to ensure performance. Because the track hardware is protected by a valance cover and features a carriage design, these doors will not come off their track or be exposed to potential damage. AD Systems Doors have been used in a range of high traffic environments such as healthcare clinics and retail banking locations with absolutely minimal needs for service or repair.
  • Customizable Hardware: AD Systems Doors can make a sliding barn door fit your functional requirements with ease.

Optional customizations include:

  • ADA compliant Privacy locks or latches
  • Key locks
  • Electronic card readers
  • Acoustical Seals
  • Smoke Seals
  • Decorative Glazing
  • Custom pull hardware
  • Designs incorporating transoms or sidelites

Commercial office spaces often require a variety of configurations and functions that suit the needs of the users. Your space may have private offices, hoteling offices, conference rooms and meeting areas that have different layouts, require secure access in select areas or perhaps even a mix of swing and sliding doors is required for the client. AD Systems Doors’ Officefront systems are well suited to this type of customization and allow you the flexibility you need to suit a variety of usage requirements while maintaining a consistent and quality look and feel throughout.