sliding barn doorWhile both door options are functional, a sliding barn door provides some benefits that swinging doors do not. AD Systems has two main interior sliding door options. For general offices, OfficeSlide™ doors are a great choice. On the other hand, for medical offices or healthcare facilities, the ExamSlide™ system is perfect. In both cases, these sliding doors provide a wide range of benefits:

1: Sliding Doors Save Space

In a small office, sliding doors make a big difference. Because these doors work on a track system, they don’t swing require a swing path an approach clearances are often reduced. What will you do with the extra space?

  • Add a seating area for clients/patients.
  • Use the space for additional storage or casework
  • rightsize individual rooms, allowing for more exam rooms or offices in a given floorplate

Or, keep the space clear for a more open feel to the office.

2: A Sliding Barn Door is Safer

With a traditional door, the door swings either into a room or a common space. In both cases, this can be hazardous to anyone who happens to be walking by at the moment. Instead, choose a sliding door. With either the surface-mounted options or the InsetSlide™ system (which slides into the wall) no one has to worry about hitting someone with a door. Sliding doors can also be easier to operate for individuals using assistive devices.

For radiography rooms, lead shielding is available. Additionally, there are many hardware options that are ADA-compliant, to make access safer for everyone.

3: Interior Sliding Doors Give Offices a Modern Look

Sliding barn doors are timeless. While they have risen in popularity over the past few years, this isn’t a dated trend. Instead, barn doors offer a modern look with multiple hardware and material options.

With AD Systems’ sliding barn door options, any office can look modern and open while still providing privacy when needed. OfficeSlide and ExamSlide doors are available in a variety of finishes. Additionally, special features such as decorative glazing, integrated blinds or lighting ensures that these doors match any office style. Browse through the gallery of completed projects to see some of the possibilities available.

4: Sliding Doors are Convenient

Swinging doors can be inconvenient when you are moving large items into or out of a room. In fact, workers may need to remove door hardware to fit furniture or equipment. This is not just a disruption in the office, but also an unsightly hazard. Instead, barn doors provide a larger entryway when necessary and the door leaf is less obtrusive on large openings in particular.

In addition, AD Systems’ sliding barn doors are convenient for employees. They make it easy to work as a team, but also act a sound barrier.

5These Door Systems Have Outstanding Acoustic Qualities

With sound reduction features, an office retains an “open” feel by using glass sliding doors. The sound mitigation of sliding doors is a major feature, since privacy is critical in business or healthcare settings. With these doors, there is no conversation leakage through a perimeter gap, as there is with swinging doors. Additionally, the acoustical performance of AD Systems’ doors tests up to NIC 39.

6: Interior Barn Doors are Easy to Install

Finally, yet importantly, interior barn doors are easier to install than traditional, hinge-mounted swinging doors. After a client chooses options to customize their doors, the installation goes very quickly. They work on a track system rather than requiring construction. So, construction delays aren’t a problem with these doors.

To learn more about sliding doors, contact AD Systems today at 425-374-1360 or click here to request a quote.