sliding barn doorWhile residential interior barn doors have risen in popularity recently, they make a lot of sense for offices too. In fact, most commercial spaces could benefit from sliding barn door options from AD Systems, such as ExamSlide™ or OfficeSlide™. Sliding doors have four main benefits: saving space, creating a more open environment, providing acoustic mitigation and addressing safety concerns. With AD Systems, sliding doors enhance any office.

Space-Saving Benefits of Sliding Doors

First, and most obviously, any sliding barn door will save space. With traditional doors on hinges, that door has to swing outward or inward. Either way, employees have less space. In fact, they lose up to  20 square feet of floor space per doorway! Instead, a sliding door on a track gives employees extra seating or storage space. Moreover, due to the cost per square foot of office space, it is critical to fully utilize every square foot.

While these doors save space every day, they also provide even more room on occasions when moving large items. Furniture and medical equipment are never fun to move, especially when movers face small swinging doors. With their overhead track system, AD Systems doors provide a wider entry for these large items.

These top-hung doors are also low-maintenance, since there are no floor tracks to clean or to impede foot or equipment traffic.

In addition to ExamSlide and OfficeSlide doors, AD Systems also creates InsetSlide™ doors. Because space is sometimes very limited, InsetSlide doors use track hardware that fits within the wall opening. These hardware options are available in a variety of finishes.

Creating a More Open Environment with Sliding Barn Door Options

Functionally, sliding doors are a perfect space-saving solution. However, they also work well to reduce visual clutter. With sliding doors from AD Systems, employees can feel as though they are in an open environment while retaining privacy. ExamSlide, OfficeSlide, and InsetSlide doors all come with soundproofing options in a variety of finishes.

Acoustic Performance is Critical in Today’s World

AD Systems takes soundproofing very seriously. In some offices, this is just an added benefit. However, privacy is crucial in healthcare facilities and legal, HR and tech offices. So, AD Systems doors can provide high levels of noise isolation without sacrificing aesthetics. These doors test to an acoustic level of NIC 39 in some configurations. Additionally, they have available acoustic seals and do not have the perimeter gap found around swinging doors. Also, their soft-close feature eliminates door slamming noise, which can be detrimental in a medical setting. Learn more about the acoustic performance of AD System doors here.

A Wide Variety of Hardware and Material Choices

Of course, soundproofing is possible even with materials such as glass. AD Systems doors also come with visual privacy options such as inset blinds. Also, AD Systems’ doors have a variety of lock hardware options to create even more privacy and security.

Inset panels are available in a wide variety of functional and aesthetic materials. For example, a business may need a markerboard in each room. Others may prefer a glass panel to allow natural light to filter through the office. Healthcare facilities may need lead-shielding panels for X-ray rooms. The combinations are endless. Look at some of AD Systems’ completed projects to see some examples.

In short, these sliding doors give clients a “wow” moment when they see any office for the first time. The open feeling creates a classic, modern look, even in a small space. Clients love the clean feel while also knowing that their private information is secure.

Safety First with Sliding Doors

Although it’s easy to love the other benefits of interior barn doors for offices, don’t forget they are also safer. Most traditional hinged doors swing out into a hallway or common area. This can be dangerous, especially in a clinic setting. Even in non-medical offices, swinging doors can easily injury people passing by, including employees and clients. With sliding doors, employees never have to worry about accidentally hitting anyone who happens to be walking by. Moreover, there are many ADA-compliant features available in hardware and lock options.

For even more sliding barn door benefits, check out this list!

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