sliding barn doorWhether you are planning a design for a new facility or enhancing an established structure, interior entryways affect style. In fact, incorporating their design in the beginning is crucial. From the type of hardware to best complement the area to how you wish to use space available, door selection matters. Notably, versatile space is a growing trend. Essentially, areas that transform themselves quickly and easily make economical and practical sense. Choosing a sliding barn door fulfills this popular directive with architects, designers and facility owners in multiple industries. If you need guidance choosing your best interior sliding door systems, connect with AD Systems team of experts.

Basic Benefits of an Interior Sliding Barn Door System

Initially, consider the benefits that a sliding barn door system offers to your facility. Just a few include:

  • Relieve wear and tear. Eventually, hardware issues with swinging doors cause squeaking or sagging. Since AD Systems’ high-performance sliding doors hang from a track on a quiet roller system, wear and tear are minimized. Sliding doors frequently have quieter operation, something greatly appreciated by occupants.
  • Save energy and enhance mood. Even when they’re closed, sliding glass doors allow additional light to pass into work areas from perimeter windows. Ultimately, this helps in a couple of ways. Daylighting saves energy costs on lighting and heating your building. Additionally, studies show that natural light enhances mood and morale. Therefore, staff and guests benefit from natural light entering the building. Moreover, the morale boost also increases productivity.
  • Transform usable space easily. As mentioned above, sliding doors are a fantastic solution for converting usefulness of rooms. Since their track allows them to slide and hang, it’s easy to open an area when needed. Conversely, keep them completely or partially closed when you require smaller  or more private spaces.
  • Ease Accessibility – Whether one’s hands are full, or accessibility concerns are involved, doors that open on their own help everyone. Likewise, hands-free entry controls hygiene issues. Less touching of surfaces reduces the spread of bacteria and cross-contamination. Even stainless-steel doorknobs show fingerprints and harbor germs. Automatic operators can be included on any AD Systems sliding door opening, greatly enhancing accessibility.

Practical Considerations for Architects and Designers

Perhaps the single greatest reason architects and designers use barn doors is their dramatic impact on space, particularly in small areas such as private offices, exam rooms or small collaboration spaces. Beyond the space considerations,  customizable sizing, hardware functionality and finish options are key to achieving design intent. AD Systems specifications and options can guide you through the available product choices or their team is always happy to address your questions.

AD Systems’ Products

As an overview of how to configure AD Systems products, below are standard features and hardware options for AD Systems’ ExamSlide and OfficeSlide.

Standard Features:

  • Patent-pending acoustic mitigation seals  thee sides of the door to achieve speech privacy. Optional drop seal further enhances acoustic performance.
  • Dual Soft-close dampening system standard on all openings
  • Easy-to-clean aluminum frame system wraps and protects wall construction
  • Optional UL 1784 smoke rating
  • Standard or inset mount design with sidelite and transom options

Hardware Options

  • ADA-compliant thumb turn lock with occupancy indicator
  • Key locks
  • Self-latching mortise
  • Magnetic lock – key card/access control
  • Single-action egress with lever
  • Flush pulls and anti-ligature hardware available
  • Optional self closers or automatic operators

Finally, to get a better idea of these systems in action, check their gallery of solutions for clients nationwide. Then, contact them for a free quote! If you would like to discuss your project with an expert, call 425-374-1360 today.