The technology of sliding door systems has advanced considerably over the years. Now, they are seen as an excellent alternative to standard hinged doors. Self-closing sliding doors, in particular, have become one of the most positive design features in the commercial market. They are key in helping architects and designers successfully complete their projects where smoke ratings, air infiltration, security or other factors demand an additional level of functionality.

Benefits of Self-Closing Sliding Doors

Self-closing sliding doors give architects and designers flexibility and freedom in the layout of their commercial projects. These door systems enhance the overall efficiency and visual appeal of many types of professional environments, specifically those in the healthcare and corporate office sectors. Below are some of their most notable benefits.

  • Meets ADA Standards: Self-closing sliding doors come equipped with ADA-compliant hardware. There are a number of handles and locking mechanisms to choose from. With the self-closing feature, there’s also no need for people using assistive medical devices or handling heavy equipment or furniture to have to maneuver back behind them to shut the door and AD self closing sliding doorsSystems’ self closing devices are designed to slow/stop when an obstruction is present.
  • Minimizes Germ Transfer and air transfer: In medical facilities and offices where germs are consistently lingering in the air, there is an inherent need for a door system that will help to control the spread of infection from one area to another. This is a significant advantage of installing self-closing doors, as they only stay open a short time, keeping a tight rein on airflow. In addition, the self-closing aspect means the need to touch door surfaces is eliminated, further minimizing the transfer of contaminants.
  • Optimizes Use of Floor Space: Self-closing sliding door systems allow architects, designers, and facility managers to efficiently use all the space in a professional environment. They can free up to 30 square feet of floor space that would normally be unusable when traditional swing doors are installed.
  • Preserves Privacy: Privacy protection is a top priority in commercial design, and self-closing doors provide architects and designers with the perfect answer. Jamb gasketing and the optional addition of tight seals ensure these door systems test high for acoustic performance. This mitigates sound transfer through doors and preserves the confidentiality of conversations within a room. With a self-closing feature, you can be assured the door will always close. Security measures such as a mag lock can be added to ensure that the door closes and locks automatically.
  • Provides Great Aesthetic Value: The streamlined design of self-closing sliding doors presents professional settings with a more modern appearance that will complement any architectural style and interior décor. Decorative glazing and glass details raise the potential for even greater aesthetic value.

Why Choose AD Systems’ Self-Closing Sliding Doors for a Commercial Design?

Since 2009, AD Systems has supplied architects and designers with an exceptional inventory of door products for the commercial design world. Their self-closing sliding doors are available in unique styles with many different options for materials, finishes, hardware, and glass. This wide selection of choices makes it easy to create the ideal look for any space. The company provides innovative door solutions for a variety of commercial construction and renovation projects. Any professional space can benefit from the added function and beauty of the high-grade, quality-crafted door systems offered by AD Systems.