self-closing sliding door  Advantages of a Self-Closing Sliding Door

At AD Systems Doors, we know that our self-closing sliding door systems outperform other options for hospital facilities, corporate office buildings, medical clinics, and financial institutions and human resources offices. Our “Barn Door” product line is specifically engineered to capitalize on valuable square footage and operate with ease, while offering efficient sound and privacy protection.

Our teams of developers have made it a practice to work closely with facility managers, architects and interior designers to produce a self-closing sliding door product that meets code guidelines and noise control requirements while offering flexible design options. This is especially important in hospitals, clean rooms and clinics where exam and treatment rooms need to utilize all available space for personnel and equipment. Access must be trouble-free for people of all abilities and patients’ privacy must be protected in both the visual and acoustic sense. A self-closing sliding door system is also vital in the valuable real estate of crowded office spaces where confidential corporate meetings are held, personal financial information is shared and sensitive personnel issues are discussed or where there is a desire to maintain negative air pressure in a room and maintain a clean space, minimizing the amount of time that a door is open.

Space-Saving. A three-foot-wide standard swinging door requires at least nine square feet of open floor space and up to 14 square feet if it is opened fully, plus additional square feet of unusable pathway. In real estate terms of “cost per square foot,” that is expensive. A self-closing sliding door needs only a wall to house it and a two-inch-wide strip of floor space when it is closed.

Handicapped Accessible. Every self-closing sliding door offers a variety of choices of ADA-approved (Americans with Disabilities Act) hardware, including several styles of handles and locking mechanisms. Soft closers allow doors to shut gently to prevent injuries to slow-moving fingers or toes and to close fully without human attention. The self-closing feature eliminates the need for occupants to have to turn around or reach behind them to close the door.

Maintains a Clean Space. Self-Closing doors minimize the amount of time a door is open and thus reduce the opportunity for air or dirt and debris to be exchanged between two spaces. When coupled with other technologies the self-closing doors make a good solution for clean rooms.

Durable Construction. Our modern self-closing sliding door features a top-hung track and roller configuration that offers a smooth glide, reliable track adherence, and no bottom track in the floor.

Privacy Protection. Our self-closing sliding door systems provide any level of sound prevention required for full function of the space being built. With correct installation of gaskets and seals, a self-closing sliding door can provide noise control from basic normal-level speech privacy through to enhanced performance levels up to NIC 39.

Visual Appeal. A self-closing sliding door offers an uncluttered, contemporary look that coordinates with and complements almost any design style. Our “barn doors” feature details such as decorative glass or resin panels, marker boards, and other enhancing styles, in addition to the more familiar traditional solid panels or clear glass panes.

Let Us Be Your Information Resource

Facility managers, as you are planning your building’s upgrade or renovation, consider a “barn door” assembly to conserve valuable operational space. Architects, when designing areas that require protection of confidentiality, choose an efficient sliding door system. Interior designers, while discussing aesthetics of new projects with your clients, don’t forget about beautiful, modern sliders. At AD Systems Doors, we are ready to take your next project to an entirely new level.

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