The Seattle Children’s Hospital Bellevue Clinic,, was the first use of AD Systems Barn doors in healthcare facilities. This facility located in a near suburb of Seattle was designed to offer top quality comprehensive pediatric services to families living on the Eastside of King County. NBBJ architects of Seattle,, was tasked with designing a highly efficient, secure and vibrant facility that would  bring Children’s tradition of excellence to more convenient location for many of its patients while reducing the patient load on the main campus. The project went on to achieve LEED Gold certification.

As NBBJ notes on the firm’s website, One of the essential features of the exam rooms at this Seattle Children’s facility is that “all exam rooms have two entrances—one for the patient and family and one for Clinicians. This separates back –of-house functions from patient areas, creating greater operational efficiencies and a more relaxed patient environment.” NBBJ goes on to note how important this exam room design is to the functioning of the facility and success  in terms of satisfaction, outcomes and  facility operations:  “The compact layout decreases downtime between operations, increases the number of surgeries performed daily and increases overall patient safety.” This type of strategy goes to the heart of LEAN design principles where efficient design leads to efficient [and one could say perhaps better] patient care.

The Children’s Hospital Bellevue project made use of a very wide range of AD Systems product options and features. Though there was not a defined STC value for the sliding doors at the exam room locations, speech privacy was considered crucial, particularly at the patient/family entrance side of the door where there is public circulation along the path to the individual rooms. AD Systems Barn Doors’ basic design is such that the sliding doors close into a pocket (proud of the wall construction) and acoustical gaskets were added at this location to enhance speech privacy.    Most exam rooms incorporated solid core wood doors, but in select locations, integral blinds were also incorporated into the AD Systems Barn Doors so that clinical staff could check on patients as required. In the waiting area, several large AD Systems Wall assemblies were installed, one featuring a sleek flush glazed 90 degree corner and other areas incorporated an applied decorative film with a nature motif that appeals Seattle Children’s young clientele.  These areas used sliding aluminum stile and rail doors to achieve a very different look, note the height of the doors when constructed in aluminum.

Since the clinic opening in 2010, the Children’s Hospital Bellevue ASC has been toured by numerous healthcare facility management and architectural design teams interested in bringing some of the innovative design strategies employed there to future projects. This project is a great success story and Goldfinch Brothers has been pleased to work with the NBBJ healthcare design team and the Seattle Children’s system on a number of projects based on the original designs implemented at the Bellevue facility.