revit barn doorJust about every industry has seen major innovations and developments over the past few decades. This is especially evident in architecture, design, and contracting. Paper blueprints used to be the norm for the design stages of a new building. And, while blueprints are still important – though now they are mostly digital – there have been numerous advances. Building design has never been more efficient and detailed, thanks to things like computer-aided design (CAD) software. Revit is another type of software that helps architects and designers plan structures. Also, it allows them to determine the best placement for all of the elements. For example, a Revit barn door will go where it will make the most sense.

The Benefits of Revit

Developed by Charles River Software in 1997, the original software has evolved over the last two decades. With Revit, designers can create a structure in 3D. In addition, they can track the stages of a building’s life cycle, from concept through building to maintenance and beyond. Revit is especially useful for collaboration. Many different people need to work together in order to build a structure, and Revit makes it easier.

How AD Systems Uses Revit for Sliding Door Systems

AD Systems uses only the latest tools and equipment for designing and engineering their sliding door systems. Therefore, their tools include both CAD and Revit. This enables architects and designers the most efficient means for the placement of a sliding barn door and AD Systems treats these as a complete system, meaning you will not have to build your own system details from various component parts. AD Systems offers door systems designed specifically for corporate offices and medical facilities.


One of the challenges of offices is maintaining productivity, and this is a big benefit of the OfficeSlide system. AD Systems OfficeSlide are designed to mitigate noise transfer, keeping private offices, collaboration spaces and phone rooms quiet and with the privacy expected. Each door panel has a tested acoustical performance of up to NIC 39. With a reduction in noise distractions, this allows employees to get more work done and prevents noise from conference rooms from leaking in to open plan environements.

There are many more benefits to this system, including a wide variety of hardware, locking and material options.


Noise control is also essential for a medical facility. ExamSlide has the same acoustical features as OfficeSlide, which contributes to a quiet atmosphere. Another important aspect of this door system is that it is extremely easy to operate.  And, because it operates on an overhead track, doors close smoothly and easily. As a result, there is no floor track to impede foot or equipment traffic. Additionally, there is a soft-close dampening system, which eliminates slamming sounds and there is a wide range of hardware options that offer access control and physical security.

Improved Aesthetics and Space-Saving

In addition to function, both systems can enhance the décor and design of any business. Customizable, these doors come with different hardware options. They can include things like glazed glass, marker boards, or integrated blinds and lighting. A Revit barn door also helps create more space in a room. Replacing a swinging door with one that slides can save up to 30 square feet of floor space per doorway.

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