barn doorsInterior doors are an important part of all commercial establishments. Whether it is a corporate business, medical center or educational institution, doors have a specific job. These doors need to work well, secure what is behind them and look great. AD Systems understands these needs. They designed the perfect interior doors that have all of these aspects. Their sliding barn doors meet specific building needs.

Four Important Aspects of AD Systems’ Interior Barn Doors

1. Multiple locking mechanisms – When security and safety are a concern then the best door locks must be available. The AD Systems’ sliding barn doors have multiple locking hardware options. A few choices include ADA-compliant locking and latching hardware and KeyCard/Access Control with mag lock.

2. Acoustic performance – Most professional establishments need doors that offer privacy. AD Systems’ doors have multiple aspects that help with this demand. First, their doors are a quality thickness. Solid SCLC core wood doors are 1 ¾” thick. Moreover, their doors do not have perimeter gaps that normally challenge STC performance in sliding doors. Therefore, these doors test at an acoustical performance of up to NIC 39.

3. Hardware options – There are many more hardware options besides the specialty door locks. One can choose from flush pulls to a single-action egress with lever. In addition, self-closers and automatic operation are available. Moreover, AD Systems offers custom options to accommodate a customer’s door requirements.

4. Other door options – For standard doors of 1¾ thickness, there are other functional and aesthetic options. AD Systems can accommodate glazing in their doors up to 1” thick. Marker boards, decorative glass and integral blinds are also options.

AD Systems’ Elite Sliding Doors

ExamSlide™ – The idea for this specific door came from the needs of all forms of medical centers. Whether it is a free-standing ER, hospital or patient restrooms these doors meet medical center needs and codes. They offer all the healthcare requirements without losing aesthetic appeal. AD Systems’ engineers worked with the medical community during the design phase. They wanted to ensure that their ExamSlide system met the needs of healthcare facilities. All their sliding doors have a soft-close dampening system for noise and slam reduction. Moreover, they move on a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system for smooth, maintenance-free operation.

OfficeSlide™ – This style door design is ideal for the corporate and small business offices. OfficeSlide doors are an excellent choice for collaborative spaces and conference rooms. They offer many of the same features as the ExamSlide doors, like the soft-close dampening system and the roller system. Additionally, all AD Systems’ sliding doors save significant floor space when compared to a swinging door. This feature alone saves expense. At the cost per square foot of today’s buildings, you must utilize every square foot of floor space. Also, these doors are customizable to match any office décor.

Why AD Systems is the Top Choice for Sliding Doors

When AD Systems started creating doors a decade ago, they knew it was important to listen to customer’s needs. They turned to architects, contractors and business owners to understand what establishments needed in interior sliding doors. Over the years, they continue to design new doors and improve on existing styles to meet these needs.

Their past projects gallery is an excellent way to see how these sliding doors will work for any professional establishment. Yet, their door solutions are also unique to every project. Contact AD Systems today to discuss how their sliding barn doors are the best solution for your office design.