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AD Systems is here for you!  Architects have a challenging job, they must incorporate extensive amounts of client and user input into their designs, carefully consider the technical implications of product selection and structural design, create spaces that are code compliant and functional, and finally design environments that are highly functional, suited to their purpose and aesthetically beautiful. All of the design elements of a building must work well together so that design intent is achieved and occupants are able to effectively use the spaces created for them.

AD Systems understands this process well and has been working with professional architects for years to provide high performance sliding doors that meet all the requirements necessary for particularly demanding projects. The company has beautifully blended technical features with aesthetic qualities that have made them the go-to source for architects who are in search of sliding doors that will lend more to their designs than traditional swinging doors or competitive sliding door products can. Below are the primary functions that AD Systems focuses on offering with all of their door products:

Diminish Unwanted Noise

Acoustics are a special concern in both medical and office buildings. Both of these types of environments call for extra attention in the acoustical performance of doors. This is because too much noise can negatively impact patients and employees in settings where more quiet is needed. Background noise has been shown to be very prevalent in busy healthcare facilities, like hospitals, clinics, and outpatient centers where patients are trying to recover from their illnesses and ailments in peace. Not having the ability to shut these various sounds out can create a stressful situation and result in longer recovery times. For employees, the distraction of hearing phones ringing and co-workers having conversations all around them leads to a decrease in productivity and efficiency. AD Systems takes all these factors into account when offering sliding doors that help to isolate those behind them and diminish unwanted sounds that would normally leak through.


Emphasize Privacy

Another main responsibility of AD Systems’ doors is to emphasize the privacy that is of major consideration for medical professionals and business owners. To be HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant, a healthcare facility must work with their architect to make certain that patients aren’t in danger of revealing their medical history every time they talk to a doctor or nurse behind closed doors. This vulnerability can have a significant impact on how comfortable a patient feels in exam and hospital rooms. In addition, employees should have the freedom to meet with company management, human resource teams, and clients without the worry that confidential discussions will be heard all over the office. AD Systems presents the option to have sliding doors fitted with acoustic seals to ensure even more privacy.

Provide Low Maintenance, Space-Saving Solutions

There are plenty of things going on within medical and office buildings without having to worry about the maintenance of doors as well. Sliding door designs support low maintenance processes that accommodate the busy operations of these structures nicely. Their space-saving construction is another plus for architects handed the task of trying to make sure that every bit of space in their layout is used to its fullest potential. Whereas many extra square feet of valuable floor area are taken up to make enough room for swinging doors, sliding doors simply move back and forth along a wall, leaving plenty of space for additional equipment and furniture.

Architects can offer their clients so much more with the beneficial functions of sliding doors from AD Systems.