sliding barn doorsSliding barn doors offer an innovative way for architects and designers to optimize the operational capabilities and aesthetic value of a commercial project. Professional environments are held to different standards and have more involved demands when it comes to their construction and renovation plans. This makes it crucial to ensure that all design elements are of the utmost quality and function, which is where AD Systems can help. Below, they explain how their sliding door systems benefit the commercial office market.

Use Space Efficiently

Sliding barn doors provide an effective solution where saving space is a concern. The traditional hinged swing door requires a significant amount of swing path and clearance (up to 30 square feet) to accommodate its full size as it opens and closes. This leaves a room with quite a bit of empty square footage that could be used in a more practical and efficient manner. The only space sliding doors need is along the wall where they will slide, allowing a good deal of space to be reclaimed for furnishings, casework or other purposes. In professional settings, particularly those that don’t have room to spare, this is a major functionality consideration because it can make a significant difference in the amount of work space that’s available. It can also mean that more offices are able to be fit into the same floor plate or that areas such as phone rooms, IT rooms or general storage are worked in when space is tight.

Save Energy and Increase Occupant Well-being

One of the greatest advantages of sliding barn doors is how versatile they are in design. There are a variety of finish, glazing, and hardware options to choose from, so that every professional environment can be matched with the doors that suit them best. This means it’s also possible to install glass door systems, that have their own additional benefits. Specifically, incorporating glass doors can allow in natural light and outdoor views. Not only will this help commercial buildings save on electricity costs, but it will also have a positive effect on the state of mind of the people inside. Getting exposure to sunlight and outside scenery while inside increases motivation and productivity among employees, as well as enhances their overall well-being. Access to natural light is also essential in medical facilities where patients are trying to recover and comfort is a top priority.

Comply With ADA Guidelines

All buildings that cater to the public are generally required to comply with the guidelines set forth by the American Disabilities Act. Whereas swing doors can cause a hindrance for those in wheelchairs or utilizing other medical assistive devices, sliding barn doors are simple to open and wide enough to maneuver through with ease. The top-hung installation also eliminates hazards posed by exposed floor tracks for a safer passageway. In addition, sliding door systems can be equipped with accessible hardware that meets ADA requirements, avoiding the need for grasping, pinching, or twisting movements.

Sliding Barn Doors From AD Systems Add the Most Value to a Project

AD Systems is a proud supplier of sliding barn doors that redefine interior spaces. The company has products available for virtually any commercial project requirement. They work closely with architects, designers, and facility managers to create professional environments that perform and look their best. Contact them today to learn more.