Patient Restroom DoorsPatient Restroom Doors

Our signature medical facility exam room doors, designed and engineered by the AD SYSTEMS team, capitalize on our space-saving sliding design and incorporate features that accommodate modern medical environments. We have used that same engineering design technology to produce patient restroom doors that provide superior space-savings, access and durability for restroom locations.

At AD SYSTEMS, we understand the limitations imposed on patient restroom amenities by limited floor space, coupled with the need to accommodate wheelchairs or other patient equipment when people are using private lavatories. While interior room space is at a premium, entrances to private facilities must be wide enough to allow full access to all patients.

Traditional swing doors that are spacious enough to be compliant for every patient would require a significant amount of room or toilet square footage to allow for full opening and approach, which would rob architects, designers, and planners of much-needed and costly space to use for patient care, furnishings,  medical equipment and supply storage. Our doors are much more efficient.

If, for example, you design a traditional 40-inch-wide doorway for the lavatory, not only would such a large swing-arc into the room be cumbersome for users of all abilities, but such a large door leaf can easily interfere with other ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance requirements or medical necessities, forcing the design of a larger room to accommodate it. Utilization of a sliding apparatus instead would yield excellent opening width options for small or crowded rooms along with ease of operation that would satisfy every user of any ability.

Our patient restroom doors are modeled after the efficient barn-styles used for exam rooms and other medical environments. They hang from a heavy-duty overhead track assembly that can be installed on the room side of the wall, or on the toilet side, and assure smooth, maintenance-free operation for the long term. The sliding panels are available in flush laminate or wood options (including Acrovyn®) as well aluminum stile and rail with opaque glass to ensure privacy.

Our soft-closing feature fully secures the restroom door, even without a privacy lock, but operates slowly and gently to protect the hands and fingers. The soft close also assures and the doors quietly so that loud slams or jarring vibrations do not disturb others. Additional hardware options include ADA thumb-turn locks with occupancy indicators and custodial override, ADA self-latching mortises with thumb-turn and egress handles, key locks, and magnetic locks.

We at AD SYSTEMS are proud of the features we offer to healthcare providers at clinics, hospitals, and medical office buildings. We value the design input we receive from architects, medical staff, facilities managers, and patients so that we can continue to improve our products to meet the needs of the medical community.