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Have you already considered the many benefits of barn doors for your clients in a medical facility or office space? Maybe you’ve determined that, due to space constraints, top hung barn doors are not just the best choice, but the only choice. Using standard 1-3/4” door leaves, and available with clear openings of up to 60” in some cases, these doors maximize the usable space of small areas without projecting too far into hallways or adjacent rooms.

Whatever your reason for choosing barn doors, you are probably considering the various design options. If you can envision it in your client’s space, AD Systems will work with you to make it happen. We can incorporate a large range of hardware functionality as well as custom door design options to fit any type of space, from the traditional to the contemporary.

Flush Wood Barn Doors

Our flush wood doors are popular for a range of medical, commercial and residential spaces. Our flush wood barn doors are typically constructed from high-quality wood SCLC cores with a range of natural wood grains and stain options or you can opt to have them custom painted or stained in the field to match other woodwork. More decorative true stile and rail or wood door panel options also exist and any 1-3/4” wood door panel is compatible with our unique frame and acoustical seal design that maximizes the acoustical performance of the opening.

Flush Laminate Barn Doors

Plastic laminate doors are often specified as an alternative to natural wood grains for a variety of reasons, including finish choices, cost and durability. The AD Systems products are available with the most popular of today’s laminate choices such as WilsonArt, Formica, Pionite and Acrovyn to meet your design intent.

Wood Stile and Rail Glass Barn Doors

If you want the look of wood that also incorporates a glass panel, AD Systems can provide either flush wood doors with a cutout or the higher end true stile and rail option. In either case, any type of glass insert up to 1” in thickness can be specified to customize the look of your door: frosted glass, textured glass, integral blinds, decorative glass or resin, x ray shielding glass – you name it and it is likely possible with our barn door assemblies.

Aluminum Stile and Rail Doors

For a more contemporary and minimal look, aluminum stile and rail doors with glass inserts are a popular choice for healthcare facility or office buildings. The aluminum stile and rail doors are lighter in weight than most wood doors, making them an excellent choice for very large openings. We have a range of standard or custom finish options to achieve your desired color palette.

An AD Systems Rep Can Help You Choose!

Still not sure which barn doors would be best for the facility you’re working on? At AD Systems, we are available to help you through our live chat service, detail request forms or via telephone to help determine what options best meet your project’s requirements.