barn doors Architects and designers have a tough job of blending form and function with commercial office design. The spaces need to look great, be highly functional and fit within the owner’s budgets. Understanding the culture and nature of work being performed in a space is essential to designing for productivity and occupant comfort. Sliding doors by AD Systems offer many benefits to commercial office spaces that can contribute directly to both the aesthetic and practical sensibilities of designers and owners.


One of the best features of barn doors is that they can be customized to fit any office. They can be created in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors that to create a completely new style or mesh with the current one. Wood or laminate finishes, custom panel doors or sleek aluminum stile and rail with transparent, translucent or decorative glass are all possible. In many of today’s commercial office settings, there are a variety of hardware needs depending on the use of a space. AD systems offers privacy locks, key locks, latching hardware and mag locks that can connect to access control devices so sliding doors can meet this functional requirements.

The best of both worlds

A big trend in offices these days is to have an open layout. Many businesses have gotten rid of their cubicles and have replaced them with desks in one large room. The problem with this setup is that there can be a lack of privacy. Sliding barn doors can be an important element to incorporate into areas that require a greater deal of privacy such as meeting rooms or private offices. When open, they add to the open feeling of the office and encourage users to enter the separated space. But, when need be, they can be closed for meetings or other private discussions and presentations.

ADA compliant

Although all businesses are required to be ADA compliant, this is especially important for medical offices and facilities. According to ADA requirements, doors have to be easily operated, have a minimum 32″ of clear opening and cannot have obstructions such as floor tracks. Sliding barn doors by AD Systems can cover every category. AD Systems’ also offers a range of locking and latching hardware that meet ADA specifications.

Space Saving

Commercial real estate is valuable space and its efficient use is extremely important to building owners. By using sliding doors, clients are often better able to optimize office and furnishing layouts, add more individual offices or conference rooms or get a door onto a very small space such as a server room, mother’s room or phone room. Making the most of the available floor space is perhaps the single best reason to consider the use of sliding barn door.

Barn Doors: Perfect for Your Office Space

When a business wants to update its office, it basically has two initial choices: go with what is familiar or try to think a little differently. It can be easy to take the first route, but smart business owners, architects, builders and other decision makers know that playing it safe is usually not the best option. This is why AD Systems offers the highest quality barn doors on the market, perfect for any building.