office sliding glass doorsIt doesn’t matter if an office is 500 square feet or 5,000 square feet; everyone could use extra space. AD Systems’ office sliding glass doors can help. With the space saved, any office has more room for seating and storage. In addition, OfficeSlide™ doors make hallways feel more spacious even in cramped conditions. Best of all, AD Systems’ doors are perfect for a collaborative office environment. Let’s look at the top three ways OfficeSlide doors can help to optimize a space.

An Open Office without Sacrificing Privacy

With an open environment, employees in an office can more easily work together. However, collaborative design options have downsides. In many cases, open offices actually create an environment where it is hard to complete tasks. When others are chatting, the phone is ringing, and clients are walking by, it can be difficult to concentrate.

In addition, open environments can also create concerns about client privacy. This is especially true for offices in areas such as law, tech, human resources and accounting. Of course, all offices should care about client confidentiality, no matter the industry. So, how can an office design both inspire collaboration and create a private work environment?

This is where OfficeSlide doors come into play. AD Systems’ office sliding glass doors create a visually appealing open space. At the same time, they are acoustically rated to provide privacy. With a tested acoustical performance up to NIC 39, all private information will stay safe. In addition, employees will find it easy to get work done when they need to concentrate. AD Systems achieves these acoustical ratings by addressing the perimeter gaps common with swinging doors. These door systems even come with integrated blinds, glazed glass or switchable privacy glass. In short, AD Systems engineered these doors to create a better office environment for all situations and work styles. Just look through their portfolio to see some of the unique solutions they have provided to clients in all industries.

As an added benefit, an office with glass sliding doors allows employees to enjoy natural light. One study showed that natural light is the most important office environment element to employees. With AD Systems’ glass doors, natural light is not a problem. The doors can also come with a light frame to keep the environment feeling more open as the light shines through.

Creating More Space Out of Thin Air

Not only do OfficeSlide doors make an office look bigger, but they actually do create more space in an office. No, AD Systems cannot increase the square footage of an office. What they can do, however, is find space that was once unusable through smart design options.

With a traditional swinging door, one has to account for it to swing outward into a hall or inward into an office. In both cases, this area needed to swing is unusable. For every doorway, a swinging door can require up to 30 square feet of floor space. That is expensive real estate, when considering the high cost per square foot in today’s buildings.

Because interior sliding doors don’t need to swing on a hinge, the extra room is available for storage or seating. Even if the area is simply empty, it can help the entire office feel bigger. OfficeSlide doors come as both single and bi-parting pairs of doors. Additionally, they also come with multiple frame style options. So, choose the look that works best for the space.

For the ultimate in space saving, AD Systems also has a line of interior doors called InsetSlide™. Instead of being surface-mounted, InsetSlide doors fit between walls. Like AD Systems’ other glass sliding doors, these doors come in multiple frame and glazing options.

Office Sliding Glass Doors for Safety

Last but certainly not least, the space-saving design of sliding door systems can make offices safer. With traditional interior doors that swing on a hinge, it is easy to open the door into someone. Even with glass doors, this is possible in a busy office.

Whether they are open or closed, AD Systems’ OfficeSlide door systems make offices more efficient and user friendly by design. For additional precautions, they also come in UL 1784 smoke-rated options. For single leaf designs, there is now an option to specify the 45 minute rated FireSlide fire-rated sliding door system.

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