office doorsAD Systems has been one of the leading designers of sliding office doors for the last decade. The company has three different systems, including OfficeSlide™. These doors can help improve a workplace in a number of different ways.

The OfficeSlide system

The doors in the OfficeSlide system offer an assortment of advantages over traditional swinging doors, including:

Enhanced privacy and security

In our age of cubicles and open offices, privacy in the workplace can be hard to come by. Swing doors have been the traditional choice, but as designers and owners have become more aware of the importance of maximizing the efficient use of space, sliding doors have become an increasingly common solution.

Using sliding doors for corporate interiors used to mean compromising on acoustics, but not since AD Systems developed OfficeSlide with acoustic performance in mind. Physical Security is another problem AD Systems sliding doors help solve by offering comprehensive range of locking and latching hardware as well as access control via card readers or other devices.

Reduced noise distractions

Because of their sound-blocking abilities, sliding doors also cut down on loud distractions. Often, noise is an issue in a busy office, but it does not have to be. Soft closing dampers ensure the quiet operaton of the doors themselves.


Since floor space today is so expensive, companies want to be sure that every square foot is serving a purpose. Swinging doors can take up to 30 square feet of floor space. Thus, using sliding doors provides extra space for employees, furniture or storage.

Improved aesthetics

The OfficeSlide system allows for a more functional business environment, but its aesthetics are important too. These doors come with numerous design and style choices that can enhance an office’s décor. There are also optional add-ons, including glazed glass, blinds, and lighting.

Sliding office doors can transform an office

The sliding doors from AD Systems can change both the form and function of an office for the better. Businesses looking to upgrade their doors can request more information here.