office doors For most workers, the design of their office doors is something of an afterthought. Top notice office aesthetics and comfort can be a big factor in attracting talent, but beyond beyond bold colors, a big view or some funky furnishings, there are many functional factors that also contribute to quality contemporary office design. Even if the average occupant may fail to appreciate the meticulous thought that goes into planning for an efficient workplace, designers and architects know about the role they play and the impact they can have on these three areas:


Many companies experiment with ways to set up an office in an attempt to boost productivity. They surmise that a different design or layout could be the key to getting more out of their employees. But often they forget about something that is a big productivity killer: distractions. Any type of distraction has the ability to derail focus and attention, especially noise. This is where office doors can help. When a business uses office doors that are sound attenuating, suddenly noise becomes much less of a factor.  Almost every workplace, even the most open plan environments, have some private offices, meeting spaces and areas such as phone rooms where noise control is important business. The person inside an office or conference room will not have to hear what is happening outside and the people outside will not be distracted by meetings or phone calls. It is a win-win situation for everybody.


In addition to increasing productivity, acoustical office doors are great where confidentiality is concerned. It is possible to dramatically limit the danger that any potentially sensitive information shared in meetings or conferences is overheard by the wrong people. Sound-proof office doors are especially good for a Human Resources department. When talking to HR, employees want to know that what they say will only be for the ears of the person they are speaking with. The right office doors can instill and build trust within a company.


Today, most organizations keep tight reins on the budget, only intending to spend money when it is absolutely necessary. Employees who have had to work in tiny offices or share one with multiple people certainly know this firsthand. What they may not know is that office doors can affect the amount of space used. A swinging door immediately takes up a lot of space and makes a good portion of an office unusable. There are much more valuable uses of space in any environment than having 10 square feet dedicated solely to accommodating the swing of a door.

Sliding Office Doors are the Answer

These three areas can all be addressed with sliding office doors. Because acoustic performance options are now available on barn doors by AD Systems, they can help with productivity and privacy. In addition, they allow the entire floor space to be utilized, which makes everyone much more comfortable. AD Systems offers a full line of sliding office doors that are suitable for almost any business. They offer many options in hardware, materials and styles to enhance any design. They even go great with bean bag chairs.