office doorsWhen choosing office doors for your facility, you need to consider multiple factors. Initially, you must determine how you plan to use your space and how you prefer to separate it. Will you have numerous private offices or a large area with an offset conference room? Perhaps, you favor a little bit of both. Or, something altogether different.

No matter your design,  sliding doors are an excellent addition to your office space. Fortunately, AD Systems has high-performance designs to fit a plethora of projects.

Office Doors with Proven Acoustic Isolation

There are many reasons to choose a door with enhanced acoustic performance. For example, noise isolation improves an employee’s ability to focus. Notably, acoustically superior office doors prevent ambient sounds from invading coworkers’ office spaces. OfficeSlide™ has proven acoustical performance up to NIC 39 level.

Correspondingly, numerous industries require even more privacy. For instance, law firms, banks and tech companies not only need to shield information, but also conversations. Perimeter gaps in some doors may allow excess sound to escape. Uniquely, OfficeSlide overcomes this challenge often found in inferior sliding door systems. Owing to its cutting-edge technology, sound transmission is significantly reduced.

Furthermore, with AD Systems, you can isolate sound without compromising aesthetics. Solid sound barriers tend to make an office feel confined. For a more open look, officefront assemblies incorporate fixed sidelites. As a result, this feel is more similar to using glass partitions.

Find the Best Fit:

Additionally, OfficeSlide’s high performance, flexible designs fit various needs. Choose from a multitude of sizes & configurations. Moreover, select single or bi-parting pairs of office doors. Then, opt for flush, aluminum, wood tile or rail. All come standard with soft closers.

Next, consider a few more options to add:

· ADA-compliant locking and latching hardware

· KeyCard/Access Control with mag lock

· Self-closers of automatic operation

· Custom pulls and hardware

· Glass – any glazing up to 1” thick

· Integral blinds or switchable privacy glass

· Markerboards or other solid panels

· Customized integral lighting or other design features

Finally, you can choose the finish of your sliding door systems. Pick between standard Kynar frame finishes—sequin silver or medium bronze. Or, consider an optional color that AD Systems can develop on a per-project basis.

For an overview of OfficeSlide’s real-world benefits, check out this case study involving Coastal Community Bank. Central to their needs, was to incorporate coveted daylight into interior office spaces. Utilizing AD Systems’ OfficeSlide, they easily achieved that goal and more.

Today, contact AD Systems for a free quote and a sliding door system that doesn’t compromise on performance or design!