office barn doorsModern technology and architectural materials have allowed office managers to design impressive office spaces. Often though, facility owners must choose between function and style. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case. AD Systems offers a full line of office barn doors that balance sophistication with durability. For instance, general offices, hospitals—even medical offices—can benefit from barn doors and the benefits they provide. And, when the doors are from AD Systems, they are sure to stand the test of time. Check out their gallery or give them a call today to see what they can do for your office.

Office Barn Doors Are Beautiful and Practical

The OfficeSlide™ is perfect for all commercial office applications. It combines performance features with greater design flexibility, the OfficeSlide is perfect for a wide range of offices. See how the OfficeSlide would fit right in to your private offices, conference rooms, or other spaces. With its full range of customization options, the OfficeSlide is sure to fit your needs. Check out a few of the benefits of these doors:

  • Space-saving—typical office doors use up to 30 square feet of clearance to open and shut. Office barn doors only need a few inches of clearance against a wall. Put that extra space to good use when you replace a swinging door with a barn door.
  • Flexibility—many modern office spaces need to transform usable work space for different tasks. Barn doors allow you to close off a space temporarily and reopen easily.
  • Acoustical performance—because they are easy to use, barn doors can help create quiet spaces. This gives workers privacy for conversations or to buckle down and work on an important project without distraction. AD Systems offers doors with a high Noise Isolation Class (NIC) rating. When combined with acoustic seals around door jambs, the acoustical privacy of the room is significantly improved.
  • Modern aesthetics—customization options allow doors to complement their offices. Glass offers an open feel while wood speaks to tradition and elegance. Hardware and color choices ensure attractive aesthetics.
  • ADA compliance—hardware is easy to operate, so that even those with disabilities can use the doors. Ease-of-use and light weight ensure simple operation and help prevent injuries.

More About AD Systems

AD Systems designed their barn doors to, very simply, perform better. And, their wide range of style and functional options offer endless possibilities. Choose from features such as self-closing devices, privacy locks, card reader access, and more. All doors also offer smoke ratings and acoustical performance. Give them a call or contact them to discuss your project.