doors systemThe majority of businesses probably do not give a lot of thought to the types of doors they use. For most people, doors are doors. The truth is doors have changed quite a bit in recent years. Now there are many more choices. This is excellent news for companies that want to enhance their operations. With the right door system, a business can reap benefits for everyone involved: customers, employees, and management. AD Systems makes two unique door systems: ExamSlide and OfficeSlide. Learn about the advantages of each:

The ExamSlide doors system

A medical facility can benefit greatly from a sliding doors system. AD Systems has created ExamSlide specifically for hospitals and other medical offices. These doors are superior to other sliding doors in several key areas, including:


Wherever anyone talks about details related to their health, privacy is essential. With most typical sliding doors, there is only so much sound that can be blocked out. But with AD Systems’ sliding doors, acoustic performance is part of our system design. Perimeter gaskets are standard on all ExamSlide and OfficeSlide doors, the frames are design to minimize gaps and there is an optional drop seal to further enhance acoustical performance.

ADA compliance

If any business needs to make sure it complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is a medical facility. Not only does this mean having ramps and other easy access points for people, but ensuring that entering and exiting are easy. AD Systems ExamSlide doors offer a wide clear opening and have no exposed floor track to create trip hazards. Furthermore, AD Systems offers a range of ADA compliant hardware options to enhance functionality.

The OfficeSlide doors system

From a small business to a large corporation, any type of office will be able to reap the rewards of sliding doors. They offer many improvements, such as:

Enhanced productivity

Like the ExamSlide doors, OfficeSlide doors also block out a significant amount of sound and office noise pollution. This means that employees will not have to worry about loud conversations or any other noise derailing their productivity. This will allow work to get done faster and more accurately. When used for phone rooms, collaboration spaces or conference rooms, OfficeSlide can help make sure private spaces within open plan offices are in fact private.

Improved décor

Style and design are now important elements of an office. Even if clients never visit, an office has to look good for employees. Doing things to freshen up an office tells team members that a company cares about small details, which can help boost morale. The doors in the OfficeSlide system are made of glass, which immediately adds a modern element. They can be configured with different hardware options to further augment the décor.

Both the ExamSlide and OfficeSlide doors system can save precious space

One of the biggest benefits of either doors system is their space-saving abilities. Traditional doors that swing inside a room or office interfere with its space, limiting its usage. But sliding doors allow all of the space to be used. Traditional swinging doors use up to 30 square feet of floor space.The area gained by utilizing a sliding doors system can then accommodate more equipment, furniture or visitors.

Enhanced efficiency from daylighting design

A glass sliding doors system allows more natural light to permeate the entire floor. This use of sunlight as a source of heat will lower energy costs in cold weather. It’s a fact that natural light boosts the mood of workers and therefore, they are more productive.

AD Systems is a leader in providing commercial sliding door systems and their engineers can provide assistance in determining the best solution for your project.