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When designing a new office building or planning an overall office renovation for an aging facility, what do architects and facility managers look for in an exceptional interior door assembly? The first thing that comes to mind is that the office doors have serve the purpose of offering privacy to office occupants. Of course, you want them to look nice and fit in with the building’s architectural style and interior décor. You will need them to be durable to resist the wear and tear of heavy usage without requiring a lot of maintenance. Well, when it comes to exceptional office doors, at AD Systems, we’ve got you covered.

ADA Compliant

AD Systems office doors meet or exceed ADA requirements on all levels. They are all within the specified limit of five pounds of force needed for opening and can accommodate large clear opening widths. They are engineered with soft-close technology that slows the action and prevents slamming.

AD Systems’s sliding office doors offer several locking and latching options including thumb-turning locks with occupancy indicators or self-latching mechanism with thumb-turn and exit handle.  We also offer secure access options that can wire in to card readers or occupancy sensors. AD Systemsalso offers office doors with automatic self-closing option for hands-free operation.

Professional Appearance

Our office doors are available in a wide assortment of panel designs including flush wood or laminate (with or without a glass insert) or aluminum stile and rail options. Decorative glass and resins, marker board materials, integral blinds and a wide range of other options can readily be incorporated into our doors and frame assemblies. AD Systems office front systems and office doors can be manufactured in a variety of styles and layouts that include transoms, sidelights, 90-degree returns and other. You can work directly with our production staff to create exactly what you have in mind and we will submit standard or job-specific proposal details to your design team.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

The top-hung sliding design of these office doors relies on our heavy-duty roller system that requires very little maintenance but delivers a consistently smooth gliding operation. There is no exposed floor track to create a trip hazard or dust trap, the doors rely on a hidden door guide for reliable performance.

The door jambs are designed to wrap around the surrounding wall construction to give a finished look along with the  added benefit of being are easier to keep clean and protecting openings from showing wear. It is also possible to design an AD Systems office front sliding door system that is recessed within the wall opening.

Acoustical Performance

We offer office doors with our patent-pending “acoustic door bottom” and perimeter seals which seals all four sides of our sliding or swinging door assemblies for superior noise reduction. This prevents private conversations or customer transactions from being overheard outside the office and stops outside sounds from interfering with worker performance. You can select a level of sound prevention with NIC (Noise Isolation Class) ratings as high as 39.