medical office designsTraditional office spaces have often been dull and unexciting. Medical offices have usually been even more so. Fluorescent lighting and “clinical” material aesthetics have made medical offices a very uninviting place for patients. Studies have shown that a patient receives better results when they feel both safe and comfortable. Luckily, technological and stylistic innovations make it possible for medical offices to be both functional and appealing. Of course, design is crucial to success. For the best medical office designs in the industry, AD Systems balances form and function.

AD Systems manufactures high-performance sliding door systems for healthcare and commercial applications. The perfect balance of acoustic isolation and space-saving design, AD Systems’ sliding doors are ideal for hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics. In fact, looking through their portfolio highlights some of the solutions they have provided for their clients.

Benefits of Sliding Doors

Ideal medical office designs incorporate space-saving features without sacrificing function. AD System’s sliding door solutions balance the benefits of sliding doors with the demands of healthcare applications. After all, a patient needs to receive proper medical care in a safe and well-designed area.

Check out the many benefits of a sliding door track below:

  • Space-saving—typical swinging doors use significant floor space to open and shut. Basically, sliding doors only need a few inches of clearance against a wall. So, this allows additional space for furniture, equipment or storage.
  • Flexibility—many modern office spaces need to transform usable workspace for different tasks. Barn doors allow staff to close off spaces at times and then to re-open them quickly and easily.
  • Acoustical performance—because they are easy to use, sliding doors can help create quiet spaces. This gives workers privacy for conversations or to buckle down and focus on the work at hand. AD Systems’ doors have an excellent noise isolation class (NIC) rating for sliding door assemblies, particularly with the use of their patented sliding door automatic bottom.
  • Modern aesthetics—customization options allow doors to match the other types of doors in a range of environments. Glass offers an open feel, while wood speaks to tradition and elegance. Hardware and color choices ensure complementary aesthetics.
  • ADA compliance—AD Systems offers a range of hardware functionality that meets requirements for operation without pinching or grasping and self-latching options that meet single action egress requirements.
  • Safety first—these top-hung doors mean there is no floor track to impede foot traffic, wheelchairs or movement of equipment.

The ExamSlide™ for Healthcare Facilities

The ExamSlide is AD Systems’ solution for healthcare applications. This system is ideal for clinics, restrooms, medical offices, ERs and more. Furthermore, ExamSlide offers durability, low maintenance, and privacy. Featuring a unique design, it combines performance with function for the security needed in healthcare applications. Patients feel secure in the care area with the system’s soundproofing. Additionally, the many available locking systems add to the security of everyone in the building. There is a wide choice of key locks, keycard access, and ADA-compliant thumb-turn locks. Thus, doctors and nurses offer their patients the safety and privacy they deserve. Benefits of this system include:

  • Maintenance-free operation, thanks to a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system
  • Field tests that indicate NIC Noise Isolation Class 39 as per ASTM E336-11
  • A soft-close dampening system to eliminate noisy slamming
  • Optional UL 1784 smoke rating

Premium Medical Office Designs

AD Systems designs their sliding door systems to, simply, perform better. Founded in 2009, AD Systems began with a design for an interior sliding door with acoustical mitigation and space savings. The company has evolved as one of the top solutions for medical facilities looking for high-quality, sliding door solutions.

Moreover, they are proud of some of the major projects they have completed. A typical case study shows the results of a major undertaking by Mountain View Hospital in Payson, Utah. When they decided to double the size of their Emergency Department, AD Systems’ doors were a major component. The engineers at AD Systems create the perfect solution for new buildings or renovations on existing facilities. They have the door systems that fulfill both function and design requirements.

Best of all, their door systems are highly customizable. So, they’ll fit perfectly in any medical office and welcome every patient to the medical care area. Every door system is available in a variety of stock and custom finishes and hardware choices. Don’t want wood? They have many plastic laminate choices as well. Additional options include smoke ratings, card reader access, self-closing features, privacy locks, and more. Popular in medical facilities are integrated blinds or lighting, glazed glass and lead-shielding panels for x-ray rooms.

Today, give AD Systems a call at 425-374-1360 for a design that’s ideal for any medical facility.