medical office designsMedical office designs come with unique challenges. New trends in medicine have shifted the outcome goals for medical professionals, moved much more care into outpatient environments and necessitated new equipment and systems. Medical facilities themselves need to change with the times, and Washington-based AD Systems is rising to the challenge. Their line of high-performance sliding doors set new standards in the field and can help designers and facility’s achieve a project’s objectives. Here are some of the reasons why.

Evaluating Needs of Medical Office Designs

The Physicians Practice blog outlines several important qualities of good medical facility design. 21st-century medicine should be cooperative, efficient, and patient-centered. AD Systems looked carefully at all of these needs during their ground-up design for their medical sliding doors.

  • Collaborative Spaces: Modern medical facilities must foster a team effort between physicians, nurses, technicians, and administrative staff. Integrated sliding doors are perfect for co-working spaces and shared offices. They’re contemporary and sleek, but offer exceptional privacy protection.
  • Prioritizing Efficiency: Efficient facility plans minimize cross-directional foot traffic, separate patient and staff areas, and correspond to a sequence of care. Sliding doors save time and effort for staff and are easy to operate for patients of all ability levels.
  • Patient-Centered Medicine: Exam rooms are the epicenter of the doctor-patient relationship, and are a priority when designing medical facilities. Saving space with sliding doors is an outstanding way to free up space in exam rooms and create a welcoming ambiance.

How Sliding Doors Can Streamline Your Facility

AD Systems’ sliding doors offer numerous advantages for medical office designs over traditional swinging doors. To name a few. Swinging doors can require up to 10-20 square feet of space for swing path and clearances, while sliding doors occupy only slightly more than the existing walls and generally have a smaller approach. AD Systems’ sliding doors are also low-maintenance and easy to clean and operate.

Cutting-Edge Sliding Doors from AD Systems

AD Systems offers two revolutionary door systems created with medical office designs in mind: the InsetSlide™ and the ExamSlide™.

  • InsetSlide: The InsetSlide is AD Systems’ most sleek and low-profile door. It features an integral sidelite that creates a pocket door-like setup for a flush look and maximum space savings. The InsetSlide outperforms other pocket doors in its class by being exceptionally easy to maintain and featuring numerous options. Flush pulls, keycard readers, integrated lighting and more are all available. Tacoma, WA’s Indigo Clinics integrated the InsetSlide into their new clinic design, with outstanding results.
  • ExamSlide: The ExamSlide is the original high-performance door for the modern medical facility. It comes equipped with a high-tech four-sided acoustic baffle for ultimate privacy protection. All AD Systems doors hang from the top and have no floor track protruding to impede wheelchairs and equipment carts. Heavy-duty rollers keep doors operating smoothly and Soft Close technology prevents slamming.

AD Systems’ doors continue to lead the way in lean, efficient medical facility design. To find out more, call them at 425-374-1360 or use their easy contact form.