medical facility designDoors are an important part of any workplace, though people often overlook them when it comes to design. In addition to creating privacy and security, they play an assortment of other roles. Medical facility design in particular can’t neglect the roles of doors. AD Systems is a leading manufacturer of sliding door systems. They created and engineered their ExamSlide™ system based on advice and feedback from healthcare professionals. As a result, this door system fulfills the needs and wants of the medical community. Check out their gallery to see some completed projects and the variety of solutions available.

What Areas Does Quality Medical Facility Design Need to Address?

The design of any office or workplace has to focus on certain elements. Besides being pleasant to look at, there are important functional components. Healthcare facilities in particular need to address these areas:

ADA Compliance

Hospitals have to prepare for all visitors with varying levels of mobility. As such, they need to have a design that can accommodate everyone. For example, doors must be easy to open and not have thresholds or other obstructions on the floor. This is a big benefit of ExamSlide sliding doors, as a smooth rolling top-hung sliding door assembly. ADA-compliant hardware is available for every door. Also, they can provide a very wide clearance space to allow easy access.


Among the many design and functional options, these doors are available with a range of security features, including key-card access and locking and lacking capabilities.

Sound control

The design of a medical facility should make sound control a priority. HIPAA clearly outlines requirements for patient privacy and medical settings. It is also well established that patients feel more at ease in quieter environments and that they rest and recover faster in settings where noise is mitigated.  In addition, AD Systems’ doors feature a soft-close dampening system that prevents slamming.

Space maximization

Often, the design of a workplace falters when it comes to getting the most out of a space. Swinging doors, for example, are not optimal in this regard. When the doors intrude on a room, there is less usable space. However, this is never an issue with ExamSlide sliding doors that make significantly more floor space is available for use versus a swinging door. Today, with the high cost of floor space, these doors ensure that every room has more space. This allows extra room for staff, equipment and storage.

ExamSlide from AD Systems can immediately improve a medical facility design for both staff and patients. Companies that want to learn more about these sliding doors can contact AD Systems for a free quote. Or, call them today at 425-374-1360.