medical examination roomMedical exam rooms must be carefully designed with patient and provider needs in mind. Having the ability to properly address the requirements of those in the space is vital. Medical staff and patients require a space that is well-organized and offers good visual and acoustical privacy. ExamSlide™ doors by AD Systems can be an integral of a design strategy to maximize efficiency while also addressing patient comfort.

Medical Examination Room 101

Building codes, ADA, FGI and user standards will drive much exam room design, but there still remains a great deal of opportunity for architects, consultants and designers to innovate and improve upon this element of medical construction. Contemporary facilities have rapidly evolved to include many new features such as portable work stations, on stage/off stage access, self-rooming and a host of other design driven layouts with LEAN principles or the goal of improving workflow in mind. Sliding doors have become an essential part of modern clinic design, offering space savings that contributes significantly to owner ROI while also incorporating the security, cleanability and functionality that is demanded in a medical facility.

Selecting Sliding Doors

When selecting doors there are many functional features that can be key considerations. For instance, ExamSlide has:

  • Space-saving design that eliminates the swing path and dramatically reduces approach clearance requirements
  • Heavy-duty, top-hung roller systems for smooth, maintenance-free operation
  • Soft-close dampening systems for noise and slam reduction
  • Jamb frames design for easy cleanability and that protect the wall construction

Also of utmost importance, is the security of staff and patients. ExamSlide’s variety of locks range from key and thumb turn to magnetic locks with key card control. Combined with ADA-compliant, self-latching mortise and single-action egress with lever, there are plenty of possibilities to fit your needs.

Options and Enhancements

In addition to performance features, ExamSlide offers a full range of aesthetic options. AD systems allows designers to choose standard or custom frame finishes and a full range of door leaf options including:

  • Flush Wood – range of standard and custom finish options, veneers and species
  • Plastic Laminates – veneers by Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, Pionite and Acrovyn
  • Aluminum Stile and Rail – there are several profile choices
  • Specialty Doors – lead-lined, hollow metal steel, panel doors, frosted glass or other options are available

Finally, review this case study involving the revitalization of the Emergency Department at Mountain View Hospital. The AD Systems’ ExamSlide was the best choice to meet all of their requirements. And, it’s a great solution for all hospitals, medical facilities and clinics!

For more information, contact AD Systems to enhance your medical examination room design at: 425-374-1360!