medical exam roomsHealthcare professionals do most of their real work in medical exam rooms helping patients. Not to mention, exam rooms are a space devoted to the vital relationship between medical professionals and their patients. So, when designing medical facilities, it pays to make exam rooms efficient. Also,​ they need to be aesthetically pleasing and especially private. High-performance sliding clinic doors like those produced by AD Systems achieve these goals.

What Do Medical Exam Rooms Need?

Although every facility’s needs are different, there are a few key elements that every exam room requires.

  • Strong soundproofing protects doctor-patient confidentiality
  • Easy to clean surfaces that promote infection control
  • Ample space allows doctors, nurses, and technicians to do their job
  • The ideal room requires low-maintenance and that the systems work efficiently
  • Exam rooms should have an aesthetic that projects professionalism, while being calming and pleasing to the eye

To achieve these goals, facility design professionals have to consider every possible angle when designing medical exam rooms. Thus, these architects and designers are increasingly questioning the long-held models of how an exam room should be planned. One question they’ve begun to ask: are swinging doors the only option? And if not, are they the best?

Introducing the ExamSlide™

Consequently, sliding doors have a great deal to offer that traditional doors don’t. Since the development of their first sliding barn door for medical projects back in 2009, AD Systems has achieved considerable success with their high-performance sliding doors in commercial and medical applications. Now they’ve introduced the ExamSlide™, a revolutionary sliding door system designed specifically for medical facilities.

  • Patient privacy is an absolute must in any medical facility, and swinging doors’ jamb gaps allow significant sound leakage. The ExamSlide features acoustic dampening technology tested up to the rigorous Noise Isolation Class 39 standard. This feature protects doctor-patient confidentiality. Patent-pending four-way acoustic seals provide maximum sound isolation.
  • Traditional swinging doors can require up to 20+ square feet of space just to swing open and shut and maintain required clearances. The ExamSlide’s flat profile creates impressive space savings — it requires only slightly more floor space than the wall.
  • All AD Systems’ doors are top-hung using strong, durable rollers that are easy to care for and reduce maintenance costs.
  • The ExamSlide presents a sleek and professional aesthetic that looks at home in any modern medical facility. It’s available in a wide range of finishes, with a variety of hardware options including flush pulls and keycard readers.

Leading the Way

Medical facilities everywhere have begun to incorporate the ExamSlide’s technology to increase efficiency and protect privacy.

Salt Lake City’s Mountain View Hospital made the ExamSlide part of their extensive remodel, with outstanding results. The Everett Clinic of Smokey Point, WA was built from the ground up with AD Systems sliding doors.

If you’re a forward-looking architect, designer, or facility owner designing medical exam rooms – it’s smart to consider the ExamSlide™. Call AD Systems at 425-374-1360 or e-mail for more information.