medical doorsThe medical field is preparing for an unprecedented era of changes and challenges. It’s more important than ever to be looking for innovative solutions. Care providers must do more than help their patients survive; they have to help them thrive. Technological improvements in medical doors logically should follow these goals.

That’s where AD Systems comes in. This Washington state firm has created high-performance sliding barn door systems since 2009. After the initial success of their groundbreaking “interior storefront” doors, they set their sights on the medical field. An intensive design process produced the ExamSlide™: a door system created to perform in the high-stakes world of medicine.

How the ExamSlide Outperforms Other Medical Doors

The ExamSlide is a high-performance door system designed specifically with medical institutions in mind. From the family doctor’s office to the cutting-edge research hospital, the ExamSlide offers uncompromising performance:

  • Comes standard equipped with four-sided patent pending acoustic seal. This NIC 39-rated seal provides exceptional privacy protection for patients and staff alike.
  • Can save up to 30 square feet of space per doorway, compared to a traditional swinging door.
  • Top-hung with no exposed floor track for smooth walking & wheeled equipment movement.
  • Simple, elegant, and durable sliding track system that’s easy to access for cleaning.
  • Wide range of hardware and finish options to suit any aesthetic profile.

Case Study: The Everett Clinic

The Everett Clinic in Smokey Point, WA is one of AD Systems’ proudest success stories. This two-story, 60,000 square foot facility houses specialists in over 20 different medical fields. Its design is a prime example of the “lean medicine” approach that seeks to improve patient care and reduce costs. To do this, the clinic needed a door that fit its progressive approach.

AD Systems, then known as Aurora Doors, provided the answer. The door that would become the ExamSlide proved to be an ideal fit for the Everett Clinic. Many of the clinic’s most innovative aspects are possible thanks in part to AD Systems’ high-performance doors:

  • The ExamSlide’s space savings allowed the clinic to design dual-entry exam rooms for improved traffic flow.
  • Interior storefront configuration separates specialties into “pods.” This shortens wait times and enables patients to get where they’re going more quickly.
  • AD Systems added cutting-edge locking hardware to the clinics’ doors for best-in-class patient and staff security.

Envision Better Healthcare

Healthcare design specialists have widely recognized the Everett Clinic’s design as a model for 21st-century healthcare’s possibilities. Our project gallery offers even more insights into the potential! If you’re interested in seeing for yourself the possibilities that high-performance medical doors offer, AD Systems would love to help. You can contact them at 425-374-1360 or use their contact form to get in touch.