soundproof sliding doorsWork environments can be very interesting. Often a lot of different types of people are thrown together and it is up to management to figure out ways to make them click. And because there are typically many diverse personalities, this can be a bit of a challenge. Privacy is one area that can be hard to come by in any business setting. In most office layouts, in fact, it is almost impossible. Cubicles, for instance, may give the impression of privacy, but those partitions do little for it, particularly as far as acoustics are concerned. Open office setups are even more problematic. With every employee in one big space, there is not even a false sense of privacy and the potential for distraction and disruption is extremely high. The solution to this issue is fairly obvious: doors. But not just any doors will do; they need to keep sound out.

The Advantages of Soundproof Sliding Doors

Most regular swinging doors offer at least a little amount of privacy, but most sliding door designs for commercial office environments leave a lot to be desired. Good acoustical performance is however essential in workplace environments where making phone calls, holding meetings, or conducting other important business tasks that require privacy is part of everyday life. In addition to privacy, good acoustical design is critical for maintaining a productive work environment where employees are not distracted by other near by colleagues or guests.

While virtually any type of business can benefit from doors that can block noise, they are especially good for medical facilities. Privacy is a major area of concern for hospitals, clinics, and private medical offices. Not only is it vital that records be kept confidential, the same is true for conversations. When patients talk to doctors and other health professionals, they need to know that what they say will remain private. Acoustic sliding doors by AD Systems can help safeguard patient privacy through good acoustic performance.

Another big advantage of sliding doors is the space efficiency they create. Rooms and offices with swinging doors lose a significant amount of space when those doors are open. When doors slide, all of the space can be used whether they are open or closed. Plus, because they utilize a track and soft-closing mechanisms, the doors slide and close quietly and without slams every time.

One of the best parts of sliding doors is that they do not have to interfere with the aesthetic of an office; they can actually improve it. Sliding doors are unique and modern and add something special to an office. They can also incorporate large glass lites to preserve the open plan feel even in spaces that are infact enclosed. .

When you are seeking soundproof sliding doors for a project, privacy is just the starting point, as they provide many other benefits. Acoustical privacy is a challenging design intent, and AD Systems carries a full line of doors that offer leading acoustic performance for ADA compliant sliding door designs. In addition, they come in many different styles, designs, and colors and are perfect for a new building or to augment a current business. Check out their many options for an acoustic solution.